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What is new in Design Studio 1.3 ASUG Webcast

Below are my notes from today’s ASUG webcast.  The usual disclaimer applies that what is planned for the future is subject to change.

Similar slides were shown here BI2014 Design Studio 1.3 Planned Updates and Design Studio Overview Roadmap


Design Studio is not a 1:1 replacement for either SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards or Web Application Designer (WAD) yet

Design Studio is What You See Is What You Get

Microsoft & Sybase are data sources for UNX; this will change in the future

Design Studio 1.2 brought the Design Studio SDK

Coming with Design Studio 1.3:

  • BW IP and BPC unified model with BW 740
  • Native HANA deployment, which does not use BICS
  • SDK in 1.2 wasonly deployable on BI Platform. – in 1.3 – deploy anywhere – BW or HANA
  • Share charts with SAP BusinessObjects Lumira – 1.3 extended
  • Bookmarking – save navigation state of application
  • Not in DS 1.3 – coming in SP – support Lumira SDK
  • Advanced table formatting – those familiar with BEx, WAD, take for granted – setting scaling factors, turn on/off hierarchy display, turn on/off totals – available in the properties pane or scripted and connected to events and dynamic at runtime
  • Scripting language improved – support for loops and arrays as well as sorting for arrays
  • Printing: whatever you see is what you get – maybe in future a printable flag in the properties
  • Conditional formatting
  • Install Lumira Visualizations (coming in a later support pack)
  • Prompt enhancements
  • Bookmarking/personalization will work on BIP (BI Platform) and locally too

Planning Support in 1.3:

Planning supports for input-ready measures, add new lines, execute planning functions & sequences

It does not yet support cell locking – coming in future

BPC Unified Model in BW740 is supported

enhanced crosstab.png

Source: SAP

We’ve seen this slide before, but today I learned that you can select booked values or master data values

This is helpful if the end user is on a slow connection and does not wait for round trip to the server.


Source: SAP

In the future, SAP plans to round off gap list with WAD – context menu, RRI, drag & drop

Offline is not likely in 1.4

Geomaps are coming in the future; delay right now due to licensing issues

InfoGraphics support for Infographics similar to Lumira infographics coming in 1.16

Long-term includes migration support for BEx Web & XCelsius.  SAP said they will need communication with the communities to determine what are the most important scenarios to transport

Lumira Integration is coming further down the line

SAP plans to continue to close the gap list between Design Studio and XCelsius

They said they they understand those who know Excel and not JavaScript – plan to make the ramp “more accessible”


plan dashboard.png

Source: SAP

The above shows a Fiori-style dashboard with tool tips

Click on one of the charts and the following appears:


Source: SAP

The screen above shows set scaling and setting decimal places


Source: SAP

The above shows recalculate the planning after entering the overall measure, trigger planning function and distribute it by raising the price

Question and Answer

Q: Is it possible to receive an advanced (beta) version of 1.3?

A: Unfortunately the answer is no.


Q: My understanding is if we have Xcelsius license then we are free to use design studio. can you please confirm if this true?

A: Yes, for most licenses this is true, please contact your account executive if you do not see it on SMP


Q: Will SAP offer migration options to Xcelsius and not just through the APOS add-on?

A: This is something they are investigating – they have had some proof of concepts – similar to way Analysis Office approaches problem.


Q: Will Design Studio 1.3 support displaying Medium Text from a Bex Query? Currently it only allows Text and Value.

A: Don’t think this has changed – this is  BICS


Q: Are hierarchy node variables supported?

A: Those are supported today – see SAP BusinessObjects BI4 – Supported BEx Query Elements


Q: Is there a language reference with examples for the Design Studio scripting language?

A: Have Designer Guide that explains script language – other than that it is JavaScript


Q: Is Printing in DS 1.3 browser based or PDF based? Is there an option to download the dashboard output to Excel or PDF?

A: It is WYSIWYG – browser based


Q: Ok, what about PDF or Excel download? Will this functionality be available? Not the dataset the visualizations.

A: Design Studio today supports an export to Excel.  PDF support is not there – will be WYSIWYG in 1.3

A: Most end users have option to print to PDF


Q: What is the lower BOE version compatible with Design studio 1.3?

A: BI4 SP5 or any version BI4.1


Q: Advance Scripting,, like if i want to get top 10 records from result of 100 records which came when i called DS_1.  i should not go back and create a new view or bw query to achieve this

A: Open query in Analysis Office, top 10 – Smart copy


Q: Will we have the ability to create custom columns in script

A: Not yet


Q: Will there be any additional enhancements to DS SDK in Design Studio 1.3(other than netweaver deployment)?

A: Not in 1.3 – coming further down road yes


ASUG Annual Conference – Add Dashboarding/Design Studio to Your Agenda

Design Studio will be part of the ASUG Annual  pre-conference on June 2nd:

SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1, SAP BW, and SAP BW on HANA – All in One Day Hands on Full Day

For more details see Preview of 2014 ASUG Annual Conference: Focus SAP Integration with SAP BI BW ERP/ECC and Analytics SIG

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    • Hi Andrea,

      Thank you for reading/commenting.

      It wasn’t specifically discussed in the webcast and I don’t see it in the roadmap slides.  My guess is to look at SDK extensions

      • Hi Deepu,

        If I use Archius ChartPLUS I do not need of using design studio SDK because in ChartPLUS I will get more charts, panels, gauges etc..? Am I right?

        What about the performance of tool if more components are added from ChartPlus?

        I would recommend my Company to go for Archius if it as we expected


        Mathivanan M

        • Hi Mathivanan,

          Please see my answers below:

          If I use Archius ChartPLUS I do not need of using design studio SDK because in ChartPLUS I will get more charts, panels, gauges etc..? Am I right?

          DS: Yes, if you use ChartsPLUS you don’t have to create custom SDK components, you can use the ChartsPLUS add-on like a regular Design Studio component without having to write any code.

          What about the performance of tool if more components are added from ChartPlus?

          DS: ChartsPLUS will not affect the performance of the application, that will depend on the design of the application, number of data sources etc.



  • Hi Tammy,

    thanks for this overview.

    I guess I found a bug in DS 1.3 concerning Line Charts and “on click” property:

    I have a page containing graphs with different chart types –
    mostly “Line” or “Column”.

    When clicking on the graph I´m jumping to a different page
    which is showing the values in a crosstab.

    From this crosstab page I can jump back to the graphs page
    using a panel as a button with “On Click” property.

    If I´m jumping from a Column chart to the
    crosstab and back to the graph it´s no problem.

    If I´m jumping from a Line chart to the
    crosstab and back it´s looping always back to the crosstab page – I can only
    restart the application.


    I tested this while changing a not-working Line chart into a
    Column chart – and it worked.

    In our BO PROD Server (which is still on version 1.2 ) I
    can use the existing application without problems no matter if Line- or Column

    In the BO DEV Server 1.3 this problem is existing now.

    What we are trying now:

    Promote the application (which is now under DS 1.3) from BO DEV Server to BO PROD Server.

    Then we will see:

    a.)  If the bug will come again – which would point
    to the Design Studio 1.3 Client.

    b) If the bug wouldn´t come – then it´s a problem
    with the server version.

    Do you have any idea or proposal ?

    Best regards


    • Hi Emanuel – would you please post this as a new discussion in the forum?  Other members will likely have some ideas to assist.

      Thank you,


  • Hello Tammy,

    Thanks for the very informative blog.  i was going through the admin guide and i found the following sentence which suggests to me that planning applications are not mobile yet. Can you please shed some light on this? “With SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio you can create desktop browser applications for planning business data” .


    This suggests that the planning applications work only on desktop browser. With out current client, What we are trying to achieve is , try to somehow create an approval process with design studio as interface. for example: user clicks on an approve button  which writes back data.

    • Hi – thank you for reading

      Is this a question about planning? If so I recommend asking this in the discussion forum.

      I am not currently using planning so I can’t answer this.


  • Hi Tammy,

    In Q&A sections, you said Design Studio 1.3 is compatible BI 4 SP5 or greater.

    But is Design Studio PAM  showing BI 4 SP8 or greater.

    Is first statement still correct ?



  • Hi Tammy,

    The Planning dashboard which you have shown in the article is really fascinating.

    Would be very nice of you if you can guide me to any How To.. doc on which teaches how to create a Planning Dashboard with User Inputs functionality & shows how to  recalculate the planning after entering the overall measure, trigger planning function and distribute it by raising the price.