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SAP End User Opinions Matter ! End User Feedback Function for SAP Business Suite User Experience

New Functionality with SAP Enhancement Package 7 for SAP ERP 6.0, Support Package 2:

Context enabled End User Feedback function for SAP Business Suite User Experience 

With ERP6.0 EhP7 SP02 and the usage of SAP NetWeaver Business Client for Desktop end users can rate within their business context the user experience of SAP applications and send the feedback directly to SAP.

Why context enabled end user feedback?

  • SAP wants to implement end user feedback for SAP Business Suite within the daily working context of the end user.
  • We want to support SAP customers in getting their end user voices heard in operating business as well as for special events or phases, like post going life phases: Do our end users need more training? Are our processes accepted by our end users? Get other questions answered as well. In other words: our SAP customers receive their end users’ feedback data for their own installations, if requested.
  • So, we want to contribute to a higher end user satisfaction for SAP applications by making the end users’ voice heard.
  • For SAP our goal is to continuously improve the end user experiences with SAP products.

Steps of the feedback and improvement cycle:

1. Feedback of end user in the SAP working context. The user ID is not transferred to SAP. SAP receives following data: date, feedback data, transaction, number of installation, versions of installed software components.

2. Collecting end user feedback on a SAP HANA Cloud Server. Evaluation of end user feedback.

3. SAP employees with product responsibility receive the feedback results.

4. SAP customers receive end user feedback data if requested as well. Please contact directly Anja Modler-Spreitzer or Torsten Stephan (contact data provided below).

5. SAP internal decision for product improvements and time plan on the basis of the end user feedback.

6. Improvements are delivered for example via SAP notes and communicated via SAP Improvement Notes.

Prerequisites (so far):

– SAP Enhancement Package 7 for SAP ERP 6.0, Support Package 2

– Usage of SAP NetWeaver Business Client for Desktop 3.5 and higher

– Via SAP role SAP_BSSP_FEEDBACK_SIDEPANEL actually the 200 most used transactions are connected to the end user feedback function which can be rated via the End User Feedback side panel chip.

Configuration of current solution for SAP Business Suite:

The implementation and configuration of the End User Feedback function is described in SAP Note 1964243.

Questions & Answers:

Q: Are there activities to enable end user feedback also for other technologies?

A: Yes, there are. It is planned to include end user feedback also in FIORI applications and others are in investigation.

Q: Is it possible to activate the end user feedback function just for a limited time?

A: Yes, it is. Due to the role based concept the role can only be assigned to end users for a limited time.

Q: Is it possible to enable only a certain target group of end users for the end user feedback function?

A: Yes, it is. Due to the role based concept the role can be assigned to a dedicated group of end users.

Q: Are the transactions for end user feedback limited on the 200 most used transactions mentioned above?

A: No, this is not the case. To a copy of the SAP role any SAP or customer transaction can be added.

Q: What activities are ongoing in terms of “end user feedback”?

A: There are several ongoing activities:

1. We are currently running a Design Thinking project in which we investigated the customers’ end user expectations concerning the communication back by SAP, and also the customers’ IT expectations. We build for both – end users and customer IT –     prototypes which we are currently validating.

2. We are running a Customer Engagement Initiative project with several customers to go through the complete process of the current solution and validate ideas, concepts and prototypes.

3. We are running an Enterprise Support Advisory Council project with the goal to evaluate the current process, specify and      design several ideas, concepts and also an Active Global Support service on end user feedback.

In case of any questions or comments please contact us directly or comment on this blog. Our contact data are:

Anja Modler-Spreitzer ( and Torsten Stephan (

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      Author's profile photo Fred Verheul
      Fred Verheul

      Hi Anja and Torsten,

      Interesting initiative. One question: will you consider backporting this functionality to older releases (earlier EhP's) of the Business Suite?

      BR, Fred

      Author's profile photo Anja Modler-Spreitzer
      Anja Modler-Spreitzer
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Fred,

      downporting of this functionality was in discussion. Current decision is not to downport it. Reason: we (SAP) would like to receive end user user experience feedback for our new applications starting with a dedicated release and version.

      But as this initiative is quite new in this business environment we are still learning ourselves. So, in other words: If there are really convincing business reasons the decision might be overthought newly.

      Does this help?

      BR Anja

      Author's profile photo Fred Verheul
      Fred Verheul

      Sure, and we'll see if enough customers want that functionality in their system 🙂 . Thanks for clarifying.

      Author's profile photo Simon Kemp
      Simon Kemp

      This is a very interesting initiative. I will follow it closely and hope to see some really positive improvements coming out of it.

      I do have my concerns around how many people will actually use it, first it takes some effort to set up in the system and secondly I wonder how many real users will actually 1. find it and 2. use it...

      Also I wonder how companies will feel about their users providing direct feedback to SAP and bypassing internal channels... getting that information back to the companies will be very important.

      I like the way you are thinking on this... good start 🙂

      Thanks for sharing,


      Author's profile photo Anja Modler-Spreitzer
      Anja Modler-Spreitzer
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Simon for sharing your thoughts. It is very helpful to get an "outside" view and comments.

      Your are right. The value add for the customers is getting the end user feedback for their inhouse installations and they are really interested in these data.

      Best Regards,


      Author's profile photo Andrew Barnard
      Andrew Barnard

      Hi Anja and Torsten,

      I wonder whether you might be able to make the collected details a little finer to include not only the transaction but other details like what part of the transactions. There are some might large transactions!

      I could imagine a little Like / Dislike function in each screen that provided not only the transaction but also some details of the context. Similar in concept to the integration of help in WebDynpro / SAPGUI transactions.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Andrew,

      thanks for your suggestion.

      We believe that the transaction is a suitable entity for the feedback, because the user experience can also depend on the intercation of different screens within a TA (or WD application or Fiori app).

      Feedback on individual screen elements (e.g. a button) would be cool, you have a great point!

      We think about the ability to mark (like / dislike) screen elements and annotate comments. This is still in an early stage though. Before we include more advanced features we would like to get more experience with customers using the end user feedback process.