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SAPUI5 with Advanced Routing


This tutorial is based on the previous tutorial: Get started with SAPUI5 and Routing

In the previous tutorial, we’ve used the router component in a static way. Now, we’re going to take it to the next level and make it more dynamic. In that way, we could use one view in different ways depending on a parameter.

This tutorial will navigate from the first view to the second with an “id” as parameter. In the second view, we’ll navigate again to the second view with another “id” as parameter.


The tutorial:

You can find the full project on github:

This project also includes the other two tutorials:

UI5 with basic routing: Get started with SAPUI5 and Routing

Reusable menu: SAPUI5 Application with Reusable Menu

The project starts with the first blog, followed by this blog and the blog with the reusable menu is the last part of the project.

Thanks to Jeremy Coppey for the audio and his help with the editing of the movie.

Feedback is more than welcome!

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