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  1. Arijit Das

    Do you have any consistent formula to parse the string and extract the username from it ?

    This has been discussed many times in this forum and always people find it challenging to retrieve username from such a string. Rather it is found easier to get the username from webi (using currentuser function) with LO/BIWS. If we are using qaaws, we can get the same using @Variable(‘BOUSER’) in universe.

    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi Arijit,

      Even I tried to get username using @variable(‘BOUSER’), but captured username is in encrypted form. So, if you are able to do the same requirement with BOUSER, can you please forward me the document. And you can extract the Username using Excel MID and SUBSTRING function. There is no consistent formula because the length of different Usernames couldn’t remain same.

      1. Arijit Das

        I tried in efashion universe as below:

        1. created a dimension object with select clause @Variable(‘BOUSER’)

        2. this object will throw error while parsing, but do not worry

        3. use this object along with any other object(s) in webi query

        4. you will get the username. Well, I got the username in readable format only 🙂


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