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User fields in key PM/QM Objects

It is very common requirement among the SAP Clients / End-users, that they require few custom fields as per their business needs in the key objects of their processes/modules.  In Plant Maintenance area too these requirements are very commonly seen and we find frequently asked questions on this subject, especially for objects namely Equipments, Notifications, Maintenance Orders, Catalog Codes etc.

To provide complete and detailed answers to such FAQs, the author prepared Step-by-step guides for such PM objects, on which he worked. Here is the list of all these posts and the links.

Document Step-by-step Tutorial on
1 ITOB0001, ITOB0003 : User-Fields in Equipment, Functional Location, Fleet Masters User fields in the various Tabs of Functional Location, Equipment and Fleet Masters
2 IWO10018: User Fields in Maintenance Order User fields in an Additional Tab in Maintenance Orders
3 User-Fields in PM/CS/QM Notifications : Screen-Exit QQMA0001 User fields in the various Tabs of Maintenance Notification
4 User-fields in Catalog Tabs of Notifications – QQMA0008,10,11 and 12 User-Fields in Various Catalog Tabs of Notifications

The implementation of the Screen-Exits in these Enhancements have these common steps:

  1. Creating Data elements for the Custom Fields and including the Custom fields in the Standard Tables
  2. Creating Sub-screen in the Enhancement Screen-Exit.
  3. Coding in the Import and Export Function Exits of the Enhancement.
  4. SPRO setting to tell system where in the PM Object we need these Additional fields.
  5. Other settings to have these custom fields in the List Reports.

It is also seen that though many things are similar in these Enhancements / Screen exits, there is a clear difference in the Customization (SPRO) settings, for displaying these extra fields in these objects.  But I am sure after going through the above 3 documents, members will be able to relate to the similarities of  implementing these Screen-Exits and would be able to do themselves for other such Enhancements come their way with a little research and by referring the above documents..

The primary objective of this post is to make it convenient for the needing member to reach the target search easily, by providing all these documents at one place. Also he has the convenience of Bookmarking one post rather than Bookmarking all the listed documents.

Thank you


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