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Let’s begin by saying: “Friends I normally don’t blog, but when I do it’s in my personal space”.  It’s been that type of last several weeks where many of my comments probably should have been blogs and honesty I have just resisted the urge to do so, but I did have a few SAP related thoughts/observations that might be more interesting as half finished nuggets instead of full blogs:

SAP Support is SAP’s achiles heel in the cloud

I’m sorry but I don’t know anyone could be proud or own up to the entire support process for SAP on-premise software.  It’s a terrible experience and putting a pretty portal on top of that experience just doesn’t cut it.  SAP really needs to find how to adopt some of Apple’s best practices for support, because when you pay only $100 for support contract with Apple you get much more awesomeness than paying % of multi-million in maintenance.  The biggest problem with the whole problem is that the Support Organization first contact on any new issue is to deny/discredit/ignore that the customer might actually have a problem.  Another big problem is just getting support to look at your issue.  Why does a company with few customers than Apple can’t figure a way to handle requests no matter how big or complicated in a timely fashion no matter the severity.  My personal feeling is unless you tell SAP it’s Very High then you might as well forget about getting any issue resolution within a month.  In fact you probably can just forget about SAP picking up your question within two weeks.  All I can say that if I’m on-premise world evaluating cloud solutions from SAP, I might just go elsewhere because the support provided by SAP is not worthy of comparison to the cable company, because the cable company is not that bad 😆 .

Marketing Folks just still don’t get it

A lot of folks are complaining about content posting on SCN by “marketing types”.  I mean the titles are over the top, and sometimes don’t even relate to SAP world in any fashion.  The worst part is that you want to ask the people who post this stuff, if they really really believe what they are saying.  Then when people complain that perhaps if things could be toned down or perhaps not just post links on the run, act link it’s bunch of techies not wanting other type of content.  The real truth is that most people don’t want bad content regardless of topic.  I’m still waiting however for marketing folks to start posting cat videos, because they will somehow think it’s cool and relevant.  At the end of the day the folks doing this seem less interested in having a honest converation and rather have to meet a quota for their boss.  I honestly think if whoever was telling them to do this or themselves realized that being hyper “on-message” is just a way of annoying someone they would think different.

Let it go, Let it go

To make Julius happy I’m going to go on record and say the points system is antiquated artifact and to quote frozen SAP needs to “Let it go, Let it go”.  It’s not a silly system, but something that looks “pointless” with no purpose and really has no purpose in 2014 other than to cause problems and live in the past.  I doubt this will happen, but I will support this concept fully.

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  • “Let it go, Louie, let it go” – Budweiser Frog/Lizard commercials.

    Not sure I agree about the point system.  Some folks, including me in my earlier SAP days, are positively affected by the points awarded.  Not a huge motivator, but it was still there.

    Support system?  No comment at this time other than we could do better.

    Marketing folks used to be effectively banned from SDN.  One more strike against social networking, but that could just be my technical snobbery being let loose.


    Thanks for posting the blog.

    Regards, Mike

    SAP Customer Experience Group – CEG

    • The problem is that points system no longer has a purpose in life that matches it’s original meaning.  Sure five to six years ago it helped drive contribution, but there was rewards or charitable contributions attached.  Now the only way I really could explain the point system is through a “south park internet money” explanation.

      I really do have an open mind to marketing content, I just want to hold it up to the same standards for technical content.  I don’t need perfection, but perhaps a little more care and concern for the reader/audience would be approriate.

      Take care,


      • Given how much time points gaming consumes, you may have a point.  However, when the high contributors list disappeared from the SAP for Mobile community, there were a number of people (experienced contributors, not just random users) who raised the issue.  So I think there are still a reasonable number of people whose point status matters to them.

        These days, I always check to see who gives me points and Likes because, depending on the source, it is a little ego gratifying.  Don’t care that Likes have no points anymore.  The recognition and from who makes more of an impression on whether I feel I am contributing.

        Besides I am only 94 points from Topaz!!!!  😆

        Cheers, Mike

        • Yeah but if you get Topaz beyond hitting a number, there is really nothing else attached to it.  In the old days it generated

          – T-Shirts

          – Charitable Contributions

          – Electronic Certificate

          – Linkedin Status

          The problem is that it’s turned SCN points into almost a SimCity where there is really no outcome beyond making your city “larger”.  That’s basically the only goal for the points measure is to make your number “larger”.  I think that’s really the problem is that we now have switched the goal from anything meaningful to make your number “larger”.  I actually like badges better because you earn by accomplishing a set of behaviors.

          Take care,