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Infoset Queries: Collection of important posts

The author posted several documents on Infoset Queries in the past. Basics were not discussed in these documents, because a lot of  documentation is already available in SCN on this. All these documents are dealt with information / knowledge-sharing beyond the basics of Infoset Queries.

The present post is to collect all these scattered knowledge at one place to act as a sort of Index or Menu, so that the needing member will be able to easily find and select topic of his interest. Another advantage for Infoset lovers is, instead of bookmarking all these posts separately, present post can be bookmarked for ready reference.

SN Topic Documented Reference in Document / Discussion
1 User Defined Fields in an Infoset Query http://scn/
  2 A T-code to your Infoset Query Tip1 of
3 Give colors to the fields in ALV Tip3 of
4 Benefits of having Select-options in SQ02
Tip4 of
5 Advantages of Creating Queries in Standard Area Tip5 of
6 Filter rows in Query output with ‘Check’ syntax Tip6 of
7 Calling other reports from your Infoset Queries
8 Problem with F4 help?  Solution in Discussion

Check-Boxes in Sel-Screen – Solution in Discussion
10 Radio button in Sel-Screen – Solution in Discussion
11 Use of Alias tables in SQVI or SQ02
12 Equipment vs Class report using Logical Database
13 About custom field names and text fields
14 A useful report on Catalogs & Codes
15 Display message in Taskbar of Selection-screen
16 GOS toolbar for your Selection-screen

17 Explore the ALV Graphs for your Queries
18 Filter on Addl Field by Comparison Operator – Solution

19 Addl Filed in Sel-screen – Solution in Discussion
20 Solutions to another query on Addl. Fields

Sole idea is to organize the available information to be better searched,reached and utilized by the forum. Future posts on Infoset Queries, if any will be added to this list.

Thank you all !


As suggested by a member the links to SDN documents on Basics of Quick-Viewer and Infoset-Queries are given below for the benefit of beginners in this area. 

Topic Link
Quick Viewer (SQVI) Basics SQVI Basics – SDN Document
Infoset Query Basics Infoset Query Basics – SDN Document

Useful works by other authors in this area

1.SAP Query using Programs (SQ01 and SQ02)  by Peter Atkin

2.How to Download/Upload SAP Queries,Infosets & User Groups to another client or System by Fahad Javed

3.Custom authorization in SQ01 Queries by Yannick Weber

4.Long Texts extraction in Infoset queries by Henryk Skrobol  (Title modified to suit this place)

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      • Jogeswara,

        Thank you for your multiple blogs, it is very informative and useful 🙂

        I have couple of questions and was hoping to get your guidance:

        Scenario 1:

        We have a requirement to apply permanent filter on Infoset on the underlying COPA table for Currency type = 10 (internal value = 02), there is another currency type we don’t want to report on, therefore its a permanent filter. To enable this we have used a check <CE1*-PALEDGER> = ’02’ command in Extras tab –> Code –> Record Processing on a table in SQ02 (Infoset definition).

        When i now create a SQ01 (Query) on this Infoset it is doing a sequential read on the COPA table and runs for 500 seconds to display 5 records. Very poor performance 🙁 , even though Curreny type is one of the primary key of the COPA table

        Scenario 2: How to achieve record level aggregation using Infoset and Infoset Query.

        We are trying to aggregate the values displayed in the output, for e.g. if there are 5 transactions for the same Customer and Material, one row with total aggregated Sales Quantity should be shown in stead to 5 rows with same Customer and Material being repeated.

        Thanks again for your valuable contribution.

        • First one I need to simulate before I reply, which would need some time availability to me. For the second one I’d use sub-total icon on the application toolbar. If required for this I’d create a z field for grouping the aggregates required.

          Also I’d advise you to float a fresh discussion for each topic, preferably in ABAP space, where very skilled expertise is there on these topics.



  • Very good idea and thanks for the compilation. Please keep updating the document with new helpful blogs/threads related to this topic. I believe, adding another section with links on the basics of this topic also will be helpful for many people.

    • Ravi Sankar,

      As suggested by you, links to SDN documents on Basics of Quick Viewer and Infoset Query are listed at the bottom of the post. Hope this will be of help to beginners in this area.

      Thank you

      Jogeswara Rao K

  • Thank you Jogeswara, I’m searching for such contents, it’s very useful. I have marked it and will check your update always. Big thanks to you.

  • Hello Jogeswara,

    Thank you for maintaining this blog; however I have a query regarding the SAP Query.

    I have a requirement to change the field names of the fields in the output of the query. For e.g. I want to change the field name of Movement Type (Value) to Mvt. Typ and that of the Movement Type (text) to Movement Type.

    Please suggest how to achieve this.

    I am novice at SAP query so I would appreciate if you could give the steps to achieve the above.

    Thanks for your kind help.


    • Hi Beryl,

      Your case has been discussed in detail in the Document number 12 in the above list at Case3.

      This is a case where your Main field name will be editable but not the associated text field. For such situation what to do has been detailed there.

      Here your Fields name if T156T-BWART . See  this picture.


      See here I’ve changed Header and Long text of the Main field (in SQ2) as per your requirement. But the Text field is not editable here. For this go through the document referred above. A workaround is suggested and I practise the same.

      Hope this addresses your query.

      Also thank you for the praise.

      Jogeswara Rao K

      • Hello Jogeswara,

        Thanks so much for your help; i was able to change the filed names.

        I have one more query. I have the field MSEG-KZEAR and RESB_KZEAR. Now the MSEG field is visible in sq01 and is selected as output but the table has no entries for this field. Also the entries are maintained in RESB field. But RESB table is not visible for selection in sq01; however I can see it in sq02.

        I want to select the RESB-KZEAR field for output but i am unable to do so in SQ01.



        Please help to do so.

        Thanks again for your time,


        • Hi Beryl,

          Please post a new thread in ABAP space on this, because this deviates from the main theme of the present thread

          Good Luck

          Jogeswara Rao K

    • Hello Erwin,

      My pleasure to have your review to this work.

      Thank you very much for the wishes

      warm Greetings to you


      Jogeswara Rao K

  • Very good thought to consolidate and share. Thank you for your efforts. And please don’t entertain anybody who starts asking stupid questions here about how to do this and that. It defeats the purpose of your efforts.

  • Thank you very much for compiling this Jogeswara. Seems like I have got lots of stuff to explore to the core.

    Thank you for your valuable efforts and time.

  • Hello,

    fantastic and full summary of useful tricks.

    I would like to implement AUTHORITY-CHECK OBJECT … by ABAP Coding in Infoset. It is right that it will be only work with LDB and not with tables???

    Maybe you could enhance your summary of this topic.


  • Hello

    I often use the selctions from infoset to devide the selection sreen. In my opion it looks more comfortable.

    But if you add free coding to DATA, the Screen isn’t divided any more… Why?


  • Nicely crafted comprehensive document on infoset queries. I have not gone through all the links however after reading the topics I am sure that it will surely help.


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