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How SAP Screen Personas Prepares Your Company For The Cloud

/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/roadtothecloud_445154.pngIn several recent presentations on SAP’s user experience solutions, people have asked questions about how SAP Screen Personas fits into SAP’s broader strategy. This is a great topic as SAP Screen Personas is often on the critical path of how many customers will consume SAP going forward. This post will focus on how companies can use SAP Screen Personas on their journey to a cloud computing model.

SAP Screen Personas as a bridge to the cloud

Many customers rely on the SAP GUI as their main entry point to SAP. This gives them access to the 10,000+ distinct transactions they use to run their businesses. But, they must manage the thousands (or tens of thousands) of desktop clients to keep everyone running on the latest version.

The beauty of cloud computing is that everyone is always running the latest version of software. And, customers do not need to manage product updates as this role is performed by the cloud provider. For this and other reasons, cloud computing has proven to be a positive disruptive force for most companies. Now, many organizations are determining how they will migrate from their current on-premise model to the cloud.

This is where SAP Screen Personas plays a key role. Personas allows you to move people from the SAP GUI client to the browser. Immediately. Even before you have your cloud strategy finalized.

This was possible previously, using the SAP GUI for HTML (Web GUI), but there was not much to get users excited about that approach as the user experience is roughly the same. Eliminating maintenance of the SAP GUI was generally of more benefit to IT. SAP Screen Personas has advantages for both business users and the IT team.

As readers of this blog know, SAP Screen Personas runs in all the standard web browsers, with no additional client software to run on your desktop computers. Once people are comfortable consuming SAP through a browser, you have complete flexibility to change the back end systems at your own schedule. You can migrate different parts of your IT portfolio to the cloud without causing any changes to your employee’s work processes.

And, once people are using SAP Screen Personas to access SAP, you can provide them screens that look like a modern web application. Not only can you make screens more intuitive, you can keep them focused on their work by eliminating fields they don’t need and automating keystrokes to save time. With new SAP Screen Personas screens, your employees will appreciate that they can work smarter, faster, and get more done in less time. In short, they can start realizing some of the promises of cloud computing, even before your IT team sees the savings in infrastructure, simplicity, and agility.

For SAP Screen Personas, Peter Spielvogel.

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