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A simple example consuming SAP Identity Management REST API

Dear community,

as I am often getting the question how to build a simple example using the SAP Identity Management REST API, I am writing a small blog post about it.

  • Attached, you are able to find a text file. Download it do a directory of your choice and rename it to index.html.
  • Download the jQuery library from following location and save it to the same directory as jquery-1.9.1.min.js:

  • Edit the index.html file with a plain text editor (e.g. Sublime Text) and change the host definition, so that it fit’s your environment:

var baseUrl = ‘http://localhost:50000/idmrest/v1′;

  • After storing the file, open it with a browser (e.g. Goggle Chrome), and execute the “Search for Users” functionality. You will be prompted for username/password. As result, you should see a list of MX_PERSON entries.
  • Afterwards, execute the “Get Data from Display Task” functionality for a valid MSKEY, and you will see the attributes of this entry.

With the Google Chrome Developer Tools, you are easily able to look behind the scenes and which data is moved over the wire.

I recommend following  pages and tutorials for further information:

In addition to following blog posts:

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  • Hello Jannis,
    Could you please attach the text file again. It seems after the migration, the attachment has been removed.



    C Kumar