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Before going to this document, I would suggest that reader must go through the well prepared and nicely explained document created by  Mr. Shankarappa H L (

This document is an extension of Basic process, so user may use it for processing a large no. of documents in mass rather than doing it one by one.


In a Business, normally the requirement comes that User wants to create the Shipment Document and Shipment Cost Document for a large number of Delivery Documents simultaneously. It may be for a period (week or month), or for a Shipping Point(s), or may be based onsome other criteria. So there are two alternative for this (1) Use a Batch Process, and (2) Process the documents in Mass.

Here I will discuss the processing of Shipment Document and then Shipment Cost Document in mass, assuming that reader has gone through the document created by Mr. Shankarappa, so he knows the basic.


For example I am taking three Deliveries at a time.

Step 1: Transaction – VT01N


          Select the Transportation Planning Point and Shipment Type.

          Then click on the Delivery push button.

Step 2: A selection screen for selecting the Deliveries, where user have different option to select the deliveries. As I mentioned, I am selecting the deliveries based on Delivery numbers (all the deliveries has same Forwarding Agent / Transporter).


          Execute by clicking the ‘clock’ or Press ‘F8’.

Step 3: All the three deliveries will be selected for this Shipment Document.


Step 4: In Shipment Document, the Forwarding Agent is at Header Level, just like in Delivery it is Ship To Party. So it is easy to create one single Shipment Document for all the three deliveries since all has same Forwarding Agent,  And if the deliveries had different Forwarding Agent, system will create different Shipment Document.

In our case we have the same Forwarding Agent, as I mentioned earler, and we want to create separate Shipment Document for every Deliveries., so to do this select all the deliveries and then go to Edit –> Automatic Planning –> Shipment per Delivery.


Step 5: System will assign temporary Shipment Document nos. to each deliveries.


          SAVE the document, and system will create three different Shipment Documents.


We created the Shipment Documents, but in these shipment documents, the deadlines are still not filled. Without completing the Deadlines, system will not allow to create the Shipment Cost Document. You can check this by going to VT03N.


Step 6: Now we need to do this deadlines manually one by one by going to VT02N, and click the ‘push button’ from Planning to Shipment End, and system will fill the Execution dates accordingly and also pull the relevant data, like Forwarding Agent from Delivery.

However if you wish to do this in mass (only if you want to have same execution dates for all the  Documents) then use the transaction code VT06.



Step 7: This transaction gives you option for doing the changes in Shipment Document in mass for different activities like changing the Plan Dates, Forwarding Agents, Shipping Type, and many more. Here I am explaining it for Actual deadlines & status


          Go to the marked tab ‘actual deadlines & status’

          You can see that in this tab there is option for entering the dates against the ‘REFER’ line. So enter the relevant dates against each activity and also if you wish you can enter the time, as below.

Step 8:


          After entering the date and time (if you wish), click on the ‘set/reset status button’ for every activity. By clicking on set/reset status button, system will set the status, and if the status is already set, then remove the status.


Step 9: Now select the deliveries which you wish to update with the dates and status maintained in ‘REFER’ line.


          And then click on the ‘Templa’ button so that system copy the data from reference line to all the selected documents, as below.


          Save the document.

Step 10: Now if you check one of the shipment document in display mode (VT03N), you will find that the dates and status changed.


Now just like Shipment Document, we create the SHIPMENT COST document in mass, for all the above three Shipment Cost Document.

Step 11:

          Transaction – VI04

          Just VL04, in this transaction also, you will get different selection criteria, based on that system will determine the Shipment Document which should be processed for Shipment Cost.



Step 12: System will display all the Shipment Document based on selection criteria. Select all the Shipment Document and then Execute (F8).


          After executing it, user should check the ‘Log’ by clicking on log button, system will display the Shipment Cost numbers created against each Shipment Document.


Step 13: Now check one of the Shipment Cost Document in VI03. You will find that Shipment Cost Document is created as required, but still it is not transferred to to FI.


Step 14: Transaction VI05.

Use this transaction for mass processing the Shipment Cost Document. You will get the relevant Shipment Cost Document based on the selection criteria you give in the input screen.


Step 15: Select the Shipment Cost document you wish to process and then click on Execute button (or press F8). System will do the transfer of account. To chek the document status check the Log, by clicking on Log Button.


          Check the log:


Step 16: You may also check one of the Shipment document, and you will found that now the Shipment cost is transferred to accounting and related PO and Service Entry Sheet created in background.


This ends the process of creation of Shipment Document.

Hope this will help, if someone wants to use the mass processing of Shipment Documents.

Looking forward for suggestions.

Thanks and regards,

Amitesh Anand

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  1. Former Member

    Hello Amitesh,

    Whatever  information given by you is knowledgeble and fruitful.

    Keep posting these kind of information from your experience

  2. Former Member

    Hi Amitesh,

    Very useful post.

    Is there any setting at system level for VT06 t code.

    In Dev and Prd systems, I can see all dates(planning, check in, loading start etc) in tab ‘Actual deadlines and dates’ whereas in Quality i can see only Shipment completion date.

    Please let us know in case any settings needs to b done to show other dates.



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