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SAP Screen Personas 1.0 / 2.0 – How to translate flavors

In case your environment uses multiple languages, you will have to deal with translating any text for custom screen elements such as new fields, buttons etc. that are not part of the underlying transaction. This post will summarize the steps necessary to complete the translation.


Let’s start with a simple test flavor, containing a few labels and buttons:



Translation is initiated from the Personas admin transaction:



Click on the + sign to select the flavors you want to translate. At this point you may receive an error message complaining about a missing package, unless this was already taken care of earlier (so this is a one-time activity):



This is because Personas translation works by creating Online Text Repository objects and these are categorized as development workbench objects which must belong to a package. So if this happens, head to the IMG and go to Personas configuration: Cross-Application Components –> SAP Screen Personas –> Maintain Personas Global Settings. Here, enter the name of an appropriate package for your OTR objects:



I usually designate (create) a specific package for Personas development objects. This could be also used for WebRFC function modules for instance.


Return to the Personas admin transaction and now you should have no problem with selecting the flavors you’d like to translate. When you add a flavor, the transaction will grab all associated text elements that are relevant for translation. Click on the ‘Create OTR Objects’ button:



The system is going to ask for a transport request, so assign the OTR objects to one:



You will get a confirmation message:



Now you are ready to take care of the actual translation. This is done using transaction SE63. In the menu, navigate to Translation -> ABAP Objects -> Transport Object. Here, you have to individually identify all the text elements that were included in your transport. In order to do this, use transaction SE10 to display the transport request you just created, it will contain the OTR object key specifications:



Copy/paste the transport entry fields for each text listed here into the corresponding SE63 fields, specify the source- and target language, click on ‘Edit’, then enter the translation:




Hit the pencil/paper symbol and on the next screen click on the button ‘Status S’. At this point, you should see this:



Save your translation, then go back (F3) to the selection screen and repeat the same steps with all OTR objects in your transport request.


Once all of them are translated, you can test the result by logging out of Personas, then back in with your target language. You should see the translated texts in the flavor. In my case, only Object Number was translated, the rest is still in English:


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  • Thanks indeed for your detailed steps. That is definitely helpful for our flavor translation.

    I have one question on the OTR objects,  lots of deleted objects(script button, label during creation, however deleted in flavor during the flaor creation) still in the OTR object list.

    Does that mean once you create one object in flavor, it could not be deleted at all?

    As well as the mentioned case, only the first translation is valid, rest others objects are still in English.

    • If you already translated your objects and later decide to delete the corresponding screen elements in your flavor, this will not remove the already existing OTR objects.

      OTR objects are only created if you specifically prepare your flavor for translation, not while you are still actively working on developing the flavor. So the advice would be not to translate your flavor until you’re completely done with your development. When you translate the flavor, it should be already tested for functionality, so hopefully there is not much need to make drastic changes to it later, removing screen elements en masse.

      Regardless, the “orphan” OTR objects will not cause any system problem, so this shouldn’t be a big issue.

      As for the last comment, I’m not sure I completely understand what you mean… of course will only be the first object translated since that’s the only one I entered the translation for. The other objects will show up in the original flavor creation language until you enter the translation for all of them.

      • Thanks for your comments.

        You are absolutely right on the translation sequence, we ensure that functional developments are all ready, then start the translation work. I attach one snapshot, those objects actually were deleted(not hidden) during development progress, they were used to be existed.

        Translation objects(deleted).jpg

        However,through ‘Prepare for translation’, all those deleted objects appeared in the list again. So my doubt is that once we create any objects, they could be delete at the flavor development front-end(flavor), but could not be deleted totally.

        The comments I added at the end of the first post, is that I translated all the objects once on the last weekend, only the first OTR object(one field) seems translated successfully via flavor,(i log-in and off several times)

        the interesting thing is after last weekend, when I log into the system again, it seems most OTR objects updated with the translated language. Not a problem now.

        • Hi Ling & Tamas,

          Thanks for above information and very useful comments, however just trying to better understand OTR object comcept in relation with personas. Hope this is not stupid query 😛 .

          Suppose i have a MIGO transaction flavor created by logging on in English language. In this flavor i have kept 10 fields out of which 5 are standard SAP fields which are not modified at all and 5 are newly added labels in Italian language. (assuming that you know italian language is not supported, however this has nothing to do with the transaction screen being modified).

          Now i access above MIGO transaction flavor by logging on to persona in Italian language which is also a backend supported language in my system and see that all 10 fields (standard SAP fields & newly added labels) are appearing in Italian. Is there still need to carry out OTR object translation steps explained above?

          Thanks & Regars,


          • If you are only going to use the flavor in Italian, then no, there is no need to translate the custom labels. Essentially what you did was entering Italian text as English, since the flavor was created in English. So now even if you’d log on in English, the custom labels would show up in Italian.

            As long as you are only interested in the Italian texts, you’ll be fine. However if you want to be able to use the flavor in both Italian and English, you’d have to take care of the translation.

  • Hello Tamas,

    I am trying to test the OTR object but when I am clicking the “Create OTR Objects” button I am getting the below error message and it is not going to the local workbench request screen, please help?

    I have checked in the SPRO > IMG > Cross-Application Components –> SAP Screen Personas –> Maintain Personas Global Settings, the Personas Package name is maintained.

    Thanks and regards,


    • I don’t know off the top of my head why would there be a problem with the OTR alias creation… this would require some debugging in your system to see what causes the issue.

      I suggest you open an OSS incident so that our Support team can take a look.

      • Thanks a lot Tamas for your input, we are able to resolve this.

        Another problem which we are facing now, say I have created the OTR and I am able to see the translation properly for a flavour, now I am assigning the flavor to another user but that user is not able to see the translations, any particular process need to be maintained here?



          • The OTR object translations are not user-dependent and I’m not aware of anything that’s necessary to make them visible to all users. They should work for everyone.

          • Hi

            While translating a flavour I found the same error as mentioned above. The length of my flavour name is less than 50 excluding namespace with no blank or any special character. Than also the error is coming when I clicked on create OTR objects button. Please help me out with this on urgent basis!!!!!

  • Hi Tamas,

    Thank you for your post. It was very helpful. I’m translating a few flavours. It went just fine. But when I went to screen personas I realized there were a few typos. So I went back and corrected them. Logged out of screen personas and logged in again. Changes are not reflected. Do you know of a cache (not browser, I tried that) I should refresh so that it takes the changes?

    Best Regards!


    • I just tested your scenario and you’re right, the correction doesn’t take effect. I even tried to make sure the new translation is the only existing one with Standard status in SE63, closed the browser window but the old value is still present. This will need some more investigation so the best is if you open an OSS incident about the issue.

      • I just found my way arround it after trying a few things. It isn’t pretty though… 🙁 . I went back to Screen personas, edited the texts (added a space at the end). Went back to /PERSOS/ADMIN_UI and a new line on the flavor appeared, untranslated with the same text. I translated that one 🙂 .

        Best Regards.

        • Even i experienced same issue couple of days ago. The transalation worked fine for EN to German language but did not work for Finnish & Italian languages. Some fields appeared in translated and some continue to appear in English. I logged out & in multiple times but no luck.

  • Dear Tamas

    please we have issue in screen alignment , we want to make it from right to left , we cannt

    fix in personas , even its working fine with normal transaction in NWBC .



  • Hello,

    I’ve no Button “Create OTR Objects” in /n/persos/admin_ui. Is this because of a wrong setting or maybe because of the the SP3 of Screen Personas 2.0? And when yes, how can I now translate the alis with SE63 or SOTR_EDIT?

    Thanks for answers

  • Hi Tamas,

    Thanks for the post.It was really helpful, We are facing an issue where the translations of a particular flavor are not showing in Production, although the translations are perfectly displayed on Development and Quality. We are using PERSONAS 2.0 .We have transported the related requests multiple number of times, but still no effect. Can you suggest anything on the issue. It would be very helpful.



    • Not sure why would this happen… if you transported the request containing your OTR objects, they should show up. Perhaps there is some caching going on… but this is just a guess.

      • Hi Tamas,

        Thanks for a quick response on this. We are currently referring to SAP Note 448220 but till now it has not resolved our issue. I also found a suggestion to use ‘Clean Up Redundant Translations’ option in ‘/PERSOS/ADMIN_UI’ , strangely in our SAP PERSONAS version we do not have the exact option , but an option which says ‘Clean up Translation Objects’ , which does not have an option to select a particular translation object. i am a little resistant to use this as i suspect it will clear all the translation objects and could cause major damage and rework. Kindly refer to the screen shot for this option. Would you suggest that i use this option?

        Thanks again.


        SAP PERSONA translations.jpg

        • HI Aniket

          Try out $OTR which cleans the buffer, may be some time caching creates a problem and check out in production in se63 if the objects is reached properly or not for each object. Know this could be a bit work out for you.


  • Hi Tamas,

    I’m using persona 2.0. I have created a flavor for ME52N transaction, i have changed the standard text ‘Quantity’ to ‘Quantity Requested’ in the item overview area. So now i need to make translations in german for the changed text ‘Quantity Requested’. I run the tcode /PERSOS/ADMIN_UI and selected the button Prepare for translation and added the flavor ME52N, Now i’m not able to find any texts here as per the below screenshot.

    Mohit Arora.

    • Hi Mohit,

      Not sure why wouldn’t this work if you followed the described steps. You should open an incident and provide access to your system, so the Personas 2.0 support team can take a look at the issue.