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How to take back-up and restore Favorites menu

Problem description: Some organizations have IT policy where SAP ID is deleted if users do not logon for certain period (60 days etc.).  This is part of cost control measure.  Later when user gets SAP ID recreated, old favorites menu will be lost.    i.e. user will lose his/ her transactions added in favorites menu before ID deletion.  Below are the steps to take back up so that user can restore favorites on their own.

PS:  I could not think of any other scenario where user may lose favorites menu.

Download Favorites to PC (Personal Computer):

From SAP Easy Access screen, goto Favorites –> Download to PC.  Screenshot below:Favorites1.jpg

Select a file location in your local PC to store the back-up file.  Screenshot below:


Message below appears to confirm that the favorites are downloaded into your PC:


You can see the file created as in the screenshot below:


Once favorites are lost, below are the steps to restore favorites from the back up file.

Upload Favorites from PC:

From SAP Easy Access screen, goto Favorites –> Upload from PC.  Screenshot below:


Select the back-up file from your local PC.  Screenshot below:


  Favorites are restored!  Screenshot below:


Thank you.

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  • I would say the main reason for down- and upload of favorites is to create them in one system, and using it in other systems. I have for example 10 ERP systems, all have its own DEV and QA system, so it is in total 30 systems. It would be quite painful if I had to create all favorites from scratch in each system.

  • Another example is, that a new employee starts working in a department and to get him/her started in ERP, a colleague with the same field of work can export his favorites and the new user can then import them.

    Because the file of favorites can not only be used by the user who exported them, but by any user who has access to that file. 🙂