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Bex Query Output in Custom Order (Key figures Immediate to Char)

This Document will be helpful in Scenarios where :

  1. Need to Maintain Specified Order (Business Needs) in output of Bex query like displaying key figure value ‘s immediate to Char’s .

          EX :


      In General we can’t get this order in Bex query Designer (Higher versions 7.0 /7.1/7.3) .

      This is Possible only in Bex query Designer 3.x  version using Table  Display .

   2.  Need to Maintain Display attributes in Specified Order (Business Needs) .

           EX :


Here Created by & Created on both  are display attributes of Material & City is display attribute of Plant.

In General we will get display attribute immediate to relevant CHAR like above we can’t change this order.

But using Table  Display (3.x) we can Change this Order like below :


  Five Simple Steps for achieving this :

1.  Drag & Drop Relevant Char’s (Display Attributes) & Kfg’s   In Rows & Columns   like below :


  2 . Select Table  Display icon like below  :


3. After Selecting Involved  characteristics & key figures will be displayed under columns like Below :s6.PNG

4 . Now  Based On Business Needs Change the order ( Drag & Drop ) like Below :


    Observe Here I changed order of Key figures & Display Attributes.

5. Bex  Query Output :



From Output , we can Observe Display attributes Created on , Location Order   & Key figures order are changed .

Note  : This Table  Display concept is available only  in 3.x Version , Not available in Higher versions (7.0/7.1/7.3).

We can use same 3.x  query  in 7.0/7.1 higher version’s after migration it will work same as 3.x ,If we have huge number of Info objects (Char’s & Kfg’s)  Preferred is Create Workbook using 3.x query in 7.0, Some times Query will create Problem’s in higher versions.


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