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A step by step guide for Invoicing Extraction (FI-CA)

This document will guide through the steps to implement for extraction of invoice in FI-CA.

Introduction to FI-CA flow

There are 3 main areas in FI-CA, Invoicing, Posting and Payment. Below is a small diagram illustrating the overall data flow of the SD & FI-CA, FI-CO.

Scheduling - 1.jpg

Explanation above illustration:

After SD billing has taken into place then the document created is Invoice. When Invoice is saved at the same time Posting document is also generated. Invoice is related to AR accounting where as Posting is related to GL Accounting.

Then afterwards when customer does the payment then Payment document is generated when payment is done via payment run or payment transaction (FPCJ, Cash journal, T-code).

BW Part:

As highlighted in red box in the above screen, I will go through extractors which are used for FI-CA data extraction.

Below are the extractors for each area:

Invoice – 0FC_INVDOC_00 (FICA Extraction of Invoicing Document Data)

Posting – 0FC_BP_ITEMS (FI-CA Business Partner Items) or 0FC_CI_01 (FICA Cleared Items for Interval) or 0FC_OP_01 (FI-CA Open Items at Key Date)

Payment – 0FC_PAY (Payments)


Invoice Extraction (FI-CA)

Below are the brief steps for Invoicing  Extraction:

  1. Datasource name has to be maintained in each invoicing processes (step1)
  2. Required invoice source document category and invoice source item category in the custom FM.
  3. The reconciliation key should be always closed.

Without satisfying any of the above conditions datasource cannot pull data for that particular invoicing process.


There are few major steps which have to be carried out in source system before we extract data into BW.

Step 1> Maintain Datasource field in each invoicing processes in SPRO (IMG Customization)  in the below path

SPRO–>Financial Management (New) –>Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable–>Integration–>Invoicing in Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable–>Invoicing–>Invoicing processes


Below is the little introduction from on event 2710



Step 2> SPRO–>Financial Management (New) –>Contract Accounts Receivable and PayableàProgram EnhancementsàDefine Customer-Specific Function Modules


Copy the sample FM given by SAP “FKK_SAMPLE_2710” and make changes as per your requirement for example to pull different type of invoice source document category and invoice source item category (maintained in DFKKINVDOC_I table).

Even though if datasource is maintained in SPRO in each invoicing processes (look in Step 1) these changes in the custom FM can impact in extraction of data to BW.

For EX: I’ve added the below code in the custom FM “Y_BIFKK_SAMPLE_2710” to extract “C1” Collective invoices.



Step 3> Run the t-code “FKKINV_BW_MON” to check the relevant documents which are ready to extract into BW.



In the above screen lock symbol beside RECONCIL. KEY is OPEN those are not posted into BW.

For EX: Scenario 1 take the below record:


As per SAP standard invoicing process “C1” is not pulled into BW. But after I added my code in custom FM and maintained this custom FM in EVENT 2710 then this “C1” invoice document is pulled into BW.

Another condition for extraction reconciliation key is to be closed.

After the simulation, log will show whether the documents are able to pull into bw or any issues



Scenario 2 take the below record:


The above record shouldn’t be pulled as the reconciliation key is not closed.

After simulation:




Step 4> Go to t-code “FKKINV_BW_MA” to run the extraction job to DELTA tables (like MCEX jobs in LIS).


Look for completed status:


In RSA7:


Step 5>

If you are loading for the first time then run an Infopackage with option “INIT with DATA”. After the run is successfully you won’t get any record but a system record for the datasource.

Then you have run the delta infopackage to get the data into BW.

Run DELTA infopackage in BW to extract those delta invoice documents and look for the invoicing processes in PSA.

After my test changes in custom FM and closing reconciliation key, I could able to pull “C1” and “F4”.



The above detailed steps will go through detailed extraction of Invoice.


Please find the below links for more information


Update of Invoicing Data to SAP NetWeaver BW – Integration with Other Components and Products – SAP Library


Kindly provide your valuable feedback.



Other documents from my knowledge base:


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      Great info Ravi! Thanks a lot!

      Checking the user's requirements, I need to extract invoiced and simulated records created by the
      invoicing process.
      I found a restriction into the event 2710 function module and I comment that line, as follows:

      *  CHECK i_invdoc-invdoc_h-invoiced = 'X'.

      MOVE-CORRESPONDING i_invdoc-invdoc_h TO ls_extract.
      ls_extract-invdoc_crdate  i_invdoc-invdoc_h-crdate.
      ls_extract-invdoc_doctype i_invdoc-invdoc_h-doctype.
      IF NOT i_invdoc-invdoc_h-reverseddoc IS INITIAL.
      ls_extract-xreversal 'X'.

      However, when the user executes a simulation process to create simulated records, those records don't be created into the table DFKKINV_BWTRIG.

      Please, any help with this? How can I make the simulation records be created in the table DFKKINV_BWTRIG?

      Thanks in advance!