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TAB as delimiter in segments of DMEE tree

Hello, SAPers!

From time to time, when you configure custom DMEE trees you’are faced with different bank-dependent requirements concerning the format of payment orders. Most of these requirements can be dealt with using standard customizing and mapping procedures. However sometimes there are more complicated issues related to configuration of DMEE trees. One of the comparatilvely typical problems is use of TAB as delimiter in segments of DMEE tree. Basically, you can use any printable symbol as a delimiter, but you cannot simtly insert TAB as symbol on the Format attributes tab of your DMEE tree and there is no other standard customizing that will enable this. Thus, in order to configure tab as delimiter in segments the following configuration should be performed.

First of all, make sure that there are no delimiters in segments specified for your DMEE format tree. Go to Format attributes tab and make sure that the following fields are empty:

Format attributes.jpg

On the transaction level of DMEE the following logic has to be applied: create a composite node for each element which will group its value and tab value. For instance, according to bank requirements there should be a field with payment document type with fixed value 01 for domestic payment. In order to meet this requirement you create a composite node payment_doc_type:

Composite node.jpg

As can be seen from the figure above, composite node doesn’t require a lot of customizing. You just have to specify a name of composite node and short description. As a rule you’ll need two elements (VALUE and TAB) for each composite node – except for those nodes which are not mandatory.

VALUE element will have different properties depending on mapping requirements. For instance, field with payment document type should return fixed value “01” therefore this element will have the following properties:


This particular VALUE element uses Constant as mapping procedure therefore “01” was specified on the Source tab in the respective field:


TAB element will have the same properties for each composite node:


TAB elements should use Exit function as mapping procedure therefore function module Z_DMEE_TAB_SYMBOL was specified in the respective field on the Source tab:

Exit function.jpg

Consequently you will have to create a simple function module in transaction SE37. The best way to do it is by copying of standard FM DMEE_EXIT_TEMPLATE. Please check another post for more details on usage of exit modules in DMEE. Source code for this function module can be found below. Please, note that you need developer key in order to create function module.

*"*"Local Interface:
*"     VALUE(I_ITEM)
*"      I_TAB

* Purpose:     Generate a tab symbol

  c_value = cl_abap_char_utilities=>horizontal_tab.


As a result, the DMEE tree will look as follows:


Create other composite nodes as required for payment medium for your bank and activate the tree. Afterwards, when you run the transaction FBPM and create the payment medium, your lines will look as follows:


Generally, I would recommend the following sequence of configuration steps for DMEE tree with TAB as delimiter:

1. Figure out what fields do you need and create a list with proposed names and mapping procedures for each field;

2. Create composite node for each field;

3. Create an element TAB and copy it as subnode to each composite node;

4. Create an element VALUE for each subnode with properties that will satisfy your mapping requirements.


I hope this information will be useful. All suggestions are welcome!


Best regards,

     The Wirtschaftsmann

P.S. This post can also be found on Medium platform under the following link.

P.S. Original source code for FM was found on SCN under the following link: DMEE Transaction.

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thans a Lot Pal! You rock!

      I was looking for this solution for a while. It works terrific.



      Author's profile photo Bohdan Petrushchak
      Bohdan Petrushchak
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Edwin,


      Thanks for appreciating:)




      Author's profile photo Nilesh Bhayani
      Nilesh Bhayani

      Hi Bohdan,

      Thank you for sharing this information. I have 1 requirement where I have to wrap each field values with double quotes(" ") - as an example "ABC" and each field should be separated by comma(,).

      If I maintain comma(,) in Segments field in DMEE properties it will separate each field value with comma(,) but how can I wrap each field value with double quotes (" "). Could you please share some information, it would be very helpful to me to go ahead in development.

      Author's profile photo Pranav Kumar
      Pranav Kumar

      Hi Bohdan,

      Good Evening,

      We have generated the DMEE output file in TXT format based on Bank format, but I m stuck after ending with the line item should be symbol Hash# only. and as per bank format, every field has a special symbol like this only but end of line item field ~# does  printed.

      We need only hash # of ending of line item.


      State Bank of India~SBIN0002275~12345678~SBIN0002275~~Banglore~10~560058~~1900000107~TCS-2~27/09/2020~~ 153.00~11847.00~#

      We need the last column ending with # here as you can see the above line item ending along with ~and Hash#

      We need the same as above but not ending symbol ~

      S.No 2.

      We need as below output S.No 2.

      State Bank of India~SBIN0002275~12345678~SBIN0002275~~Banglore~10~560058~~1900000107~TCS-2~27/09/2020~~ 153.00~11847.00#


      Thanks & Regards

      Pranav Kumar