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Author's profile photo Abhijit Mandal

@SCN – Unity in Diversity

“We are each other’s harvest; we are each other’s business; we are each other’s magnitude and bond.” – Gwendolyn Brooks .

I am mentioning the above quotes because we are human and we are social animals. Men can never survive in isolation from other people. So, we need community.

It is the community where people share their views, it is the community from where ideas came, it is the community where cultural activities flourishes. It is the community where different ideas make a wonderful invention.

As we all know “United we stand, Divided we fall”.

SCN : SAP Community Network – is unity in diversity. Different nations, different people, different mind, different hearts but every one is trying to speak one common language ‘SAP’.

SCNian may belongs to different religion, different locations but they have one common language where everybody speaks about ‘SAP’, So, I must say SAP is our common language and  SCN making it possible towards a success of each every individuals of this community.

In my view, every SCNian has immense pleasure to be a part or member of this community.

A community(@SCN), which supports a universal client – let me explain: when you start a discussion then it is not specific to your client and not only you are helping your client but everyone who is viewing your content around the world is trying to help you your client.

A problem is not specific to you. It’s our communities problem.

People belong to this community always balance  their  own interest and the common good of the community.

We can’t expect from one to give all the answers, no one can do that. So, therefore, “let us enrich ourselves with our mutual differences”

Sharing ideas, knowledge, building competency, helping each other from different location with different solutions what else we want from SCN.

You will always expect the unexpected in SCN and will be so happy to see that. 

The phrase “unity in diversity” encapsulates the essential meaning of community. So does the equivalent phrase, “diversity in unity.

Thank you SCN for being a proud partner of my life 🙂 .  I’m Lovin it 😛 .

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      Author's profile photo Ludek Uher
      Ludek Uher

      Interesting and rather timely blog. Just yesterday I was discussing with a co-worker the support of a certain SAP product that for reasons beyond me, is for the most part done via email. One on one. And thus eliminating the sharing, the community, the enrichment, the knowledge, building competency and all the other supportive and supporting statements in the blog.

      How I wish I could forward this blog to those that decided on email support...

      Sign me... Sad...

      Author's profile photo Abhijit Mandal
      Abhijit Mandal
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks for your opinion.

      Author's profile photo Stephen Johannes
      Stephen Johannes

      I posed a similar question about fours years ago and points are still relevant.

      United we stand, divided we #fail

      You are right we can be awesomely diverse, but if we dont' have any shared values or goals then we are not a community.

      Take care,


      Author's profile photo Abhijit Mandal
      Abhijit Mandal
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Stephen..I have gone through your document and I agree with your points.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      Thank you for reminding us of your post 4 years ago. I agree, your points are still relevant. They prompted me to search for an SCN mission statement, but none was found. I think that is the missing key to ensuring we are all pulling in the same general direction towards shared goals.A mission statement should be prominent on the home page and on About SCN page.

      So what *is* SCN's mission? There are some excellent examples here:

      How about starting with "Diffusion and sharing of experience-based knowledge about SAP solutions and services"?


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Mr.Mandal,

      Nice blog sir, It has all the words and sentences which I was likely to share with SCN. But as a senior and professional person, you had done this in very good manner. Thanks for the Blog. 🙂