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Iā€™m back – on the #SAPRunsSAP SCN space

Dear readers,

I have been off SCN for a while. My new job as SAP CIO and head of Cloud and Infrastructure Delivery gives me just enough time to write some 140-character tweets, but didn’t leave much space for blogging.

However, I am happy to announce that I am back! I am joining my SAP Runs SAP colleagues  to blog here. We will focus on the future of business and IT, how SAP runs SAP, identify trends and share our experiences as we talk to CIOs, IT folks, and customers around the world.

The cloud is changing everything, from how SAP offers solutions to the kinds of skills IT organizations need. When I’m here, I’ll focus on the big picture of cloud, Internet of Things, M2M as well as big data, mobile, security. When I’m not here, you can rely on my colleagues to keep you updated and informed on the things that interest us all and keep us busy.

It would be great to hear from you which topics keep you busy (or awake at night!). Please let us know in the comments below.

On May 21, from 16:00pm CET/10:00am ET, I will be holding a Google Hangout, which you are welcome to watch. Please save the date in your calendar and come and join me. Use the hashtag #SAPRunsSAP to tweet your questions to us, too. More details will come soon.

I’d also like to offer you a specific window when you can contact me with your ideas and topics. I will also be available on Twitter on May 27 at 17:30 CET/11:30 ET for a 30-minute tweetchat. Send me your questions, @_bgoerke with the hashtag #SAPRunsSAP, and I will do my best to answer them – in 140 characters, of course!

Looking forward to seeing you then (and here on the SAP Runs SAP space) and to talking more with all of you.

– Björn Goerke

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  • Excited to see what questions and discussion topics we get from the techies. Will be cool to get a dialogue going with you, Bjoern! šŸ˜Ž

    • No. As the test drivers or employee’s of a car manufacturer getting a company car from their employer don’t replace the Quality Assurance processes of the company.

      And I think it wouldn’t be very credible of a car manufacturer if their employee’s wouldn’t drive their own cars, right?

      • Test driving a car though can be more fun than test driving software at times, I have to admit. Depends on the car, of course. Or the software! šŸ˜‰

      • Isn’t quality assurance already an integral part of the agile development process? If so SAP runs SAP could be just the final and very visible last step and such serve as the first reference. Imagine the successful Final Validation being the go-live of SAP runs SAP of that solution.

        • Correct, QA should be part of the agile development process. Same for a lean production process with a car manufacturer. But also there it doesn’t replace a final Quality check (“Abnahme”) of the completely assembled car…

  • Hi Bjoern,

    when I read the blog title I couldn’t get that Eminem track out of my head, ‘guess who’s back, Shady’s back”.

    Anyway, on the subject of SAP Runs SAP, over here in Kristen Scheffler ‘s blog on the new SAP Support Portal deep down in the comments to the blog Miles Escow mentioned that SAP are working on a new Hana powered OSS Notes Search.

    If possible, in the spirit of sharing knowledge and SAP runs SAP it would be very interesting if setting up and operating OSS Notes Search running on Hana could be blogged.

    Best regards,


    • Hi Andy,

      well, two things:

      1. Nice song but I don’t see the immediate parallels with me in the lyrics. At least not that I would know of…  šŸ˜‰

      2. Your question is a good one and the normally omniscient SAP CIO has to admit that he doesn’t have the details on the OSS Notes Search. But he will find it out and be back with an answer…



      • Hi Bjoern,

        please allow me to elaborate, there’s no underlying association to the lyrics,

        only in my simple head a word association between:

             Blog Title – I’m Back

             Song words – Guess who’s back

        that’s it nothing more nothing less šŸ™‚

        Please no rush with the OSS Notes Search šŸ™‚

        Best regards,