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How to install, configure and access HANA Lifecycle Manager?

Today I was looking in to HANA Lifecycle manager (SPS 7) a nice utility for automated update.  This document is on how to obtain, install and access Lifecycle manager.  More details as below:

1       Refer

2       Pre-requisites

  • Install latest version of SAP Host Agent is installed, up and running on the box.
  • Stop; re-start SAP Host Agent.
  • If HLM is not working via HDB Studio, remove the system and re-add with FQDN.

3       Download HLM

  • Download HLM from –> Support Packages and Patches –> Search for Support Packages and Patches –> Hana Lifecycle Manager; download latest media (current latest is SAPHANALM07_7-10012745.SAR)
  • Login to HANA server as root
  • Go to downloaded directory <download_directory>
  • Extract the archive

/usr/sap/<SID>/SYS/exe/hdb/SAPCAR -xvf SAPHANALM07_7-10012745.SAR

4       Install HLM

  • Login to hana server as root
  • Extract downloaded SAR file

/usr/sap/<SID>/SYS/exe/hdb/SAPCAR -xvf SAPHANALM07_7-10012745.SAR

  • Install HLM using command
  • Go to <media_directory>
  • Execute


  • Continue and complete the installation
    • Enter root password
    • Enter SSH passphrase (same as root password; check password repository)


  • Note down the log file location and verify file for errors, if any.
  • Ensure successful completion of installation.

5       Configure HANA Studio to use HLM

  • Login to the Hana Database via Hana Studio
  • Ensure <sid>adm details are maintained

          Right Click System –> Properties –> Select “SAP System Logon”

  • Configure connectivity to SAP Marketplace

          Menu Option Window –> Preferences –>  SAP HANA –> Lifecycle Management –> Service Marketplace

6 Access HLM

  • Via HANA Studio
    • Start HANA Studio
    • Login to HANA database
    • To start HLM, right click the system –> Select option “Lifecycle Management”
    • Ensure successful start


  • via Internet Browser via URL


7 Troubleshooting

  • Ensure latest SAP Host agent is installed, up and running.  To be sure, stop and restart the same.
  • If HLM is not working
    • Via HDB Studio, remove the system and re-add the system with fully qualified domain name, FQDN
    • Stop; re-start SAP Host Agent

8 Next Action: Update Hana Database via HLM

How to update HANA database via HLM?

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  • Hi Shaji / Tom,

    Thanks for the explanation 🙂

    I had posted earlier regarding the error “Unable to open LCM in studio”.. This was solved using Note : 1896320 🙂

    I am planning for an upgrade from SP8 to SP10.. I also read that HLM is deprecated now and I need to use HDBLCM ( I do not find this in my box ).. Is HDBLCM a separate component like HLM that I need to install or its available from SP9 ?.Please advice


    • Hi Avinash,


      HDBLCM will be part of HANA Server software that you download from launchpad.

      Once you extract *.SAR file, you will be able to see executable hdblcm.

      run ./hdblcm for more options. Steps are pretty clear. Thanks.