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Visual Business 2.1 PL4 available

After an intermediate patch for adding automatic proxy detection we released today patch level 4 for Visual Business 2.1. The new patch brings the following enhancements and fixes:

  • Option to highlight way-points on routes and explicit border color for boxes
  • Improved positioning of Detail windows for 3D-objects (at click position)
  • Support for initial zoom level in 3D-scenes
  • Enhanced navigation in 3D-scenes with forward/backward move in addition to zoom
  • Improved appearance of navigation cube with zoom factor visualization
  • Fixed coloring of collada objects and multiple stability improvements.

The associated backend support is also shipped today with UI Extension AddOn 1.0 SP08 for the NetWeaver Releases 7.0 – 7.31. The 7.40 version will follow in a few weeks. The AddOn package includes also the Visual Business HTML5 control library sap.ui.vbm as part of SAPUI5 1.20, which brings the following new features:

  • Edit capabilities for positions on all build-in objects
  • Toggling between handle and whole object edit mode
  • Triggering of create operation via automation or drag’n drop
  • Flexible Hot State Color and Scale
  • Advanced map provider support for single picture maps and linear projection
  • Selection cardinalities and Multiselection using rectangle selection, Ctrl or Shift key
  • Windows 8 Touch support

For the upcoming patches we will focus on a tighter integration with SAPUI5 and further improvements on the 3D rendering.

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  • Hi Uwe,

    I will try to ask specific questions so I make the most of this opportunity. I read your posts and all other related to this topic in the SAP community. I have few questions and maybe direct answers from you. I hope my questions make sense and I will make the most of the answers.


    we have VB1.1 and VB2.0 installed

    In our TM 9.3 REL 740 sandbox system we had a map integration, based on Visual Business version 2.0 with ACF setup.

    I found out that in Page Layout for transportation Cockpit Configuration system ID = /SCMTMS/WDCC_MDC_VB21 not 20

    System in not able to display the map as per message below. message . “pushbutons for map in transp cockpit but map not displayed”


    1. Do we need install additionally VB 2.1 to get this working ?
    2. If yes, Do we need to install VB2.1 system or client specific?
    3. I read in one thread you talk about a migration from VB2.0 to VB2.1 (any documentation link for this )?
    4. Any link documentation to install VB2.1 ?

    Best regards

    Aime Guy