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Author's profile photo Ursula Gruen

The Internet of Things

I found this really interesting article on computerworld about the Internet of Things by Nicholas D. Evans:

‘Perhaps the key takeaway from the impact of the IoT on existing trends such as social, mobile, analytics and cloud is the powerful combination and convergence of these trends and the way they mutually reinforce one another to create even higher levels of business value and differentiation. As organizations plan their IT-enabled business strategies over the next three years, it will be important to account for this combination of trends, including the IoT, in both the master IT architecture and in the various digital transformation efforts that aim to redesign business processes and business models to take advantage of these trends in compelling new ways for customers, citizens and employees.’

To me, this is a really important trend to think about, as it affects so many differnt areas and will enable new business processes. What will be the future when we have e.g. much more machine-to-machine communication?

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      Author's profile photo Fred Verheul
      Fred Verheul

      Hi Ursula,

      It's me again 🙂 .

      I'd love to hear your own thoughts about this important trend, e.g. how would this impact Mill and Mining Companies (mind you, I'm an outsider, and have no clue what kind of processes are specific to M&M companies). Any examples you can come up with?

      That's, to be honest, what I'm missing from this blog post, which at the moment is only a quote + link to an external article. A tad disappointing.

      Maybe the comments will make up for it though...

      Cheers, Fred

      Author's profile photo Ursula Gruen
      Ursula Gruen
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Fred,

      the industries are typically extremely asset intensive - so one of the visions that I have (also affecting my home turf procurement) is the machine-to-machine communication. I imagine it would be great to have the paper machine itsself collecting data (what they already do today) - and then informing the paper machine producer directly about specific parameters that might indicate the need for some activity in the near future. This could than directly trigger an offer to the paper producer to procure the maintance / spare part.

      Where I am really not having a good idea, is what the scenarios could be that are rather on the customer side of the Mill Products & Mining companies. That is why I made this as a question - I would really like to get into a business trend / thought leading discussion.

      Kind regards,