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SAP BW Near-Line Storage Solution (NLS) based on SAP IQ

For NLS information please refer to blogĀ






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  • In the “Prerequisites” section it states:

    • BW 7.30 SP05 or BW 7.31 SP05 or higher

    However in the SAP First Guidance – SAP-NLS Solution with Sybase IQ it states

      The BW System you want to use must have either SP09 for BW 7.30 or SP07 for 7.31 applied.

    In Note 1796393 – SAP BW near-line solution with Sybase IQ it states:

    You cannot implement this function as an advance correction using correction instructions (with this SAP Note). For this, import the specified Support Packages:

    Import Support Package 9 for SAP NetWeaver BW 7.30

    Is the Prerequisite in this document in-correct?

    Should it be BW 7.30 SP05 or SP09?

    Thanks for the great informaion.


  • Hi Michaela,

    I’m in the middle of an archiving project and was wondering if there is any recommendation on where in a data model to begin archiving?

    Is it best to start archiving from DSO –> Infocube or Infocube –> DSO?

    Thanks in advance,