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Millennials – We are people too


Millennials…ugh. If I had a dollar every time someone used that word on a blog to get more hits. It seems to be the most over used word since the #selfie. I don’t know what annoys me more – Boomers poking and prodding their interns to understand them in their “natural digital habitats,” or fellow Millennials eating up the street cred without the Klout to back it up. All of this generational hype is certainly starting to affect some egos. A part of me enjoys the anonymity behind some of the people contributing to corporate channels, at least then we don’t have every online interaction dissected like a science experiment.

As my first post on this blog (See the XM-Files), which loosely encompasses a generational theme, I will say one thing and one thing only – when you read this blog leave your generational bias offline because what you think you know, you probably don’t. As a recovered millennial snob, I will tell you that some of the most profound social revelations have become known to me as a result of a Boomer, or a Gen Xer. The beauty of social is that it is still the Wild West – we have only just begun to chart the territory and no one is an “expert.” In fact, anyone who claims themselves as experts still has much they can learn from others. Social isn’t a medal at the end of the race, it’s a class with no grades; it is conscious effort to hone in on an ever-evolving craft.

Which brings me to my next point – Millennials may have been born a few yards ahead of the race, but social is never meant to have a set finish line. It’s a story and everyone knows that the best stories have unconventional beginnings. So before you feel overwhelmed by your age and your manager’s insistence that you start blogging or you think you are an expert at the ripe age of 19, stop reverting to the generation “name-game” and get off your happy butt and write something you’re passionate about!

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      Author's profile photo Stephen Johannes
      Stephen Johannes

      The greatest part about all these generational labels is that they were devised by marketers to figure out a broad strategy to reach people within certain age groups.  Just like in the "Lego Movie" you don't have to follow the instructions and don'tthus no need to worry about following your age group's set of instructions.

      Take care,


      Author's profile photo Jelena Perfiljeva
      Jelena Perfiljeva

      If I had a dollar every time someone used that word on a blog to get more hits.

      Amen to that! Perhaps we should just ban the term "millennial" from SCN together with "innovation" since both have been soiled beyond recognition by the marketing types. 🙂