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Interoperability testing -SAP FIORI as a usecase

Interoperability Test

The word Interoperability is a terminology which came up recently. In this blog, let me explain you what Interoperability means and why should we do these tests?

Interoperability comes into picture when the software or an application that is developed makes use of communication between the systems to fetch the data and different versions of syntax and data formats.

Many a times this test is very important since different kinds of technology are built into the architectures itself and become specific to a particular architecture. Applications should be able to work with syntax and data format compatibility  ,different logical connections to the systems in use  without any operational issues or without losing on functionalities.

Interoperability testing hence ensures that the application or a software program  is compatible with different versions of front end and back end.

Sometimes unit tests may not be able to uncover the discrepancies of implementation due to lack of clarity of standards.
Hence Interoperability testing in delivery system and /or production system helps to ensure application will actually intercommunicate well without any issues.

Coming to FIORI application, we see the different Gateway system , Back end systems in different SP’s as shown below:


  Ideally, UI and Backend artefacts are upgraded synchronously, at the same time to ensure compatibility .However,UI and Backend artefacts could be distributed across systems in a customer landscape.

A synchronous upgrade or dependency between UI and backend must not become a prerequisite.

  • A decoupling and interoperability of distributed artefacts is required
  • Compatibility is required to reflect SP dependencies and upgrade processes in customer landscapes
  • Cross-compatibility is desired to allow new UI SPs to work with old service SPs and vice versa
  • Compatible service changes do not affect the service versions and its URL
  • Compatible service changes do not break older UIs
  • Compatible UI changes do not affect the UI application
  • Compatible UI changes do not result in errors in calls of older services
  • Compatibility tests are required for Fiori application maintenance.

Interoperability test  strategy–FIORI

  • Approach of empowerment:
    The architect of the development teams have to define a reasonable test scope
    on the basis of their expert judgement taking into consideration critical
    changes or apps which might be critical w.r.t. compatibility in general
  • Execute
    test for cross combination of

    ‘new UI (wave4) with old backend (SP03)’ and

    ‘old UI (wave3) with new backend (SP04)’ before and after note

Thanks for your patience for going through this blog. Hope it has added a drop into the ocean of knowledge !

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      Author's profile photo Apurva Kishore
      Apurva Kishore

      Basically SAP want to de-couple UI & backend, so that its possible (& easy) for customers to Buy & use Fiori with existing infrastructure (with minimal / slightest modifications)