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Basics of using discontinuation data

In this short blog post I would like to briefly overview the discontinuation data related to production orders.

The discontinuation functionality is used to transfer dependent requirements of a component to one or several follow-up materials, if the requirements are no longer covered by stock.

  • settings in transaction MM02 in MRP4 tab: refer to the follow-up material with a date


  • creation of production order with discontinued material (transaction CO01)


  • in CO02 -> Master data tab: changing the explosion date (Menu -> Functions -> Reread master data) to a date, which is after the time, which has been defined in MM02 -> MRP4 tab previously


  • as a result of changing the BOM explosion date to a later time, in the component list we can see both materials


The process:

1) After the date from material master is reached, the system takes over both materials.

2) Then the ATP check checks the stock.

3a) If stock from MITYU_DISCONT1 still exists, this one is used.

3b) If not enough stock exists, then MITYU_FOLLOW1 gets the requirement quantity.

4) If customer changes the header quantity of the order, a new ATP check needs to be done to check the stocks again.

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