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B2B Add-on SP2: Process synchronous MDN messages

In a previous blog, I already mentioned a new feature on the AS2 adapter: support for creating new XI messages for received synchronous MDN messages. This was also stated in a small poll.

This feature was missing, but a lot of people wanted to have it. Now, in SP2, it is available and very easy to configure.

For that reason, I created a small blog to highlight the configuration and the result.


In a previous SP, the highlighted feature below was not available



Within the receiver AS2 communication channel, make sure to indicate synchronous MDN messages and a reference to a sender AS2 communication channel, getting the incoming MDN message


Create a sender AS2 communication channel that corresponds to the one used in the receiver AS2 communication channel, configured in the previous step.



Use to look into message content on the Mendelson side.

For the SAP PO monitoring, this is the result(*)


(*) Please note that acknowledgements results are depending on the AS2 receiver capabilities. This example was built using Mendelson AS2

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  • HI Dimitri,

    Thank you for blog. It is very helpful.

    Can we see the MDN message detail from PI monitor? We are sending some message to vendors and got the successful MDN but they said they didn’t received the message so I want to find out what the MDN said but have trouble to locate it. Anyway we can save those MDN to the local folder? Thank you so much for any of your advice.


    • Hi Hailan,

      You can see the MDN’s content within the message monitor.

      What PI or PO system do you have? Please be aware that you need a more recent version to have all the latest features available.

      Kind regards,