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This is the future direction for SAP BI – future direction means after 6-18 months with no definite time frame given.

Part 1 is here SAP BI Roadmap Planned Innovations – ASUG Webcast Part 1

Part 2 is here BI Roadmap Planned Innovations Part 2 ASUG Webcast

The usual disclaimer applies that things are subject to change.


Figure 1: Source: SAP

Figure 1 shows the 5 pillars of innovation for BI

Enterprise BI is BI4


Figure 2: Source: SAP

30% of users are using BI today

In 5 years – 70% of users will use BI so it needs scalability as shown in Figure 2


Figure 3: Source: SAP

Figure 3 shows “Unleash your creativity” with SAP BusinessObjects Lumira


Figure 4: Source: SAP

Figure 4 shows the vision for SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analytics


Figure 5: Source: SAP

Figure 5 shows the cloud vision to “Simplify BI landscape”


Figure 6: Source: SAP

More data is unstructured

Data is doubling over 18 months

The Big Data vision includes SAP HANA as Figure 6 shows

Question & Answer

Q: With direct to folder, can you go direct to category?

A: no

Q: Provide more specifics universes to access universes in Excel

A: Microsoft Power BI – see Microsoft Adds Connectivity for SAP BusinessObjects to Power BI for Office 365 – PowerBI – Site Home – MSDN Blogs

Q: Any plans to support alerts in Mobile dashboards?

A: No plans to add to XCelsius

Focus is on Design Studio & Lumira

Q: What is expected timeline to have a BI content validation tool (bi on bi tool?)

A: 6 to 12 months

Q: Which BI 4.1 Lumira to run Lumira on the BI launchpad?

A: 4.1 SP3 at a minimum

Q: Is Redshift supported as a data source?

A: Yes using generic ODBC capability

Q: When have UNX universe connectivity – Live Office

A: next to 6 to 12 months

Connect Excel to UNX with Microsoft Power BI  – see Microsoft Adds Connectivity for SAP BusinessObjects to Power BI for Office 365 – PowerBI – Site Home – MSDN Blogs

Q: Is Universe going away?

A: No, when you connect data outside of BW/HANA you still use the Universe

Q: What are the differences between SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio and XCelsius / SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards ?

A: Difference in technology and platform (XCelsius is based on Flash/Flex – technology that is going away)

Design Studio has an embedded query engine whereas XCelsius data is done client-side – download data to Flash – Design Studio has query based server engine; robustness of Design Studio

Design Studio has a multidimensional engine – hierarchies

XCelsius is a relational tool

Q: Any plans to release 64 bit of Live Office?

A: not at this time; can use a 32 bit live office on 64 bit

Q: If BI4 SP7, can I connect to universe with Design Studio?

A: No; need BI4.1

Q: Any geospatial plans with SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence?

A: Yes, plan to partner with ESRI plans

Q: There are way too many service packs coming

A: Yes, goal is to release innovation without disruption – do it through support packs

See a gradual extension of time period when SP’s are released

Q: BI4.1 SP3 work with Data Services on Edge?

A: Recommend run on separate platform

See SAP’s Ty Miller present an update of the BI roadmap in person at ASUG Annual Conference


Want some BI with your ASUG Annual Conference 2014/Sapphire?

Submit your ASUG proposal at d-code – see Sharing is Caring – Submit your ASUG d-code (former SAP TechEd) Proposal – Enterprise Analytics is a track.

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  1. Former Member

    Hi Tammy,

    “Q: When have UNX universe connectivity – Live Office

    A: next to 6 to 12 months”

    Does it also mean that i can query against UNX Universe in Live Office? Or is the connectivity only possible with Microsoft Power BI?



  2. Former Member

    Thanks a lot Tammy,

    i have a little second question about part 1.

    “SAP plans to support .unx based documents support for Live Office as shown above”

    Does the SAP decided to support .unx based documents in Live Office in the future? With the same functionallity like .unv based documents can query in LO today?



    1. Tammy Powlas
      Post author

      Hi Christian – I am not using Web Intelligence.  I recommend creating a discussion to ask this in the Web Intelligence space.

    1. Tammy Powlas
      Post author
      1. Former Member

        Hi Tammy,

        nice Blogs. Thank you for sharing youre information.

        I’m searching Information about support of .unx universes in Live Office or Analysis for Office.



        1. Tammy Powlas
          Post author

          Hi Arne,

          At the conference, it sounded link .UNX support isn’t coming in the short term to Analysis Office.

          I’m hoping SAP will provide some updates regarding Live Office at the September ASUG BusinessObjects Conference.

          I will keep you posted.


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