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BW7.4 Upgrade issues

Hi Friends,

We  are early customers of BW7.4 SP3 ( Nov, 2013)  and  i would like to highlight issues where we faced.  I checked the  upgrade issues  from other friends and the issues are not same as like them and so  thought to post them.

1)  Reporting:Reports using  BEX CMOD will  fail as  we might have  wrote the code : DATA : LOC_VAR_RANGE LIKE RRRANGEEXIT. 

In BW7.4,   you have to use TYPE instead of  LIKE.   After replacement , code started  working .

After we  solved the issue,   SAP released Note  1823174 for the same issue.

2)DSO Activation Issue: If   you changed records in PSA, then  ODS activation will fail if we do  both  original and error  DTP request at one shot. We need to do one after another.

3) Open Hub loading: If   you are using open hub earlier, then immediately after upgrade, records sent will  be zero. Please execute the programme SAP_FACTVIEWS_RECREATE to solve the issue.  This program is a part of the post upgrade  activity  which  you see in /asu/upgrade. But some  times it could happen that your  basis team will not inform you about  it.

4) Infoset Reporting: Reports on Infoset will not working . Please  execute the report RSQ_ISET_MASS_OPERATIONS to solve the  issue.

5)Master data reporting: Reports  on master data like 0employee etc will not be working. Please implement the oss notes:1910472,1906848 ,1852827 .

6) Do you have external systems which will  feed from BW systems?. then   they  also will not work. SAP introduced gateway concept so  you are forced to maintain the the external  system IP adress in  table : SAPFTP_SERVERS.

7) BO Reporting : SAP  mentioned in PAM that BO4.0 SP6 is compatible with BW7.4 SP3 in PAM. But BICS reports have issues as the prompt values are not coming  as per expectations. We are now upgrading to BI4.1 to solve  the issues.

8) Authorizations : After the upgrade,  you have to do  migration of authorizations so that all authorization objects  are active  again. In that process, we will  face issues  due to * authorizations . Please follow the OSS note to solve the issue 1917777.

9) DB connect:  We have to install the DB client latest as  earlier DB client will not support .

10) UD Connect:  We are using the portal for UD connect.  You need to ensure that portal is compatible with BW7.4  after upgrade. PAM will have that information.

Finally it is always advised to send a OSS message to SAP before you start the upgrade as some times one component/ patch will make too much differences and  your project plan will  go for a toss due to this. Keep all dependences and interfaces in scope for the plan.



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      Hi Suman,

      Thank you for the  positive feedback and i became active on SDN after a long time and  nice to see your  solutions especially  on Bex side which is still grey area for me.



      Author's profile photo Suman Chakravarthy K
      Suman Chakravarthy K

      You are welcome Rajesh Majeti 🙂 . Bex is not that tough 😉 You just need to spend some time on will get it..

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      Rama Shankar

      Thanks for sharing Rajesh.

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      Welcome Rama Shankar..

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      Excellent points.

      Can you please share your experience after BO 4.1 upgrade?

      Did you come across any issues while running Webi Reoprts?

      Currently we are upgrading to BO 4.1 and while running Webi reports, it gives 'Failed to retrieve the cube for connection BICS' error.

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      Hi  Prasad,

      Thank you for the positive  feedback.W r. t BO upgrade, we faced  the  below issues.

      1) BO prompts are not coming in the  variable screen. Even if it comes too , they will be fixed and the values a re not coming.We moved to  higher SP then the issue was solved.

      2) Cascading  was not working with  BICS connectivity.

      3)We are issues with froumales  and others and so asked the team /functional consultants to recheck the reports for any issues.