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  This document explains how we can do the mass update for a BOM.I feel that this is a basic question asked in the forum for many times .

Massly we can update a Existing BOM by CS20 OR CEWB Transaction

1. Tcode CS20

First select relevant option 1) user wants change item data

                                       2) Delete material

                                       3) Add Material

                                       4) Add Document

                                       5) Add class


After that you can update following field  Quantity

                                                           costing relevancy indicator
                                                            Bulk material

                                                            Item Text

But it is difficult to remove costing relevancy  indicator through CS20 if it is defined as blank in the system .

For that process we will use another Tcode CEWB

Step 1

Give current working area as  SAP_ITEM


Step 2

Go to item tab in the component field give the component code ( for which user wants to do the changes in all Bom)

click on Load BOMS & Tasklists Data.


Step 3

Select Bom for which user wants to do the changes & click on Edit/Lock Button


Step 4

After that Field will became Editable user have to change the fields & save


Now BILL OF MATERIAL has changed as per requirement massly.

Thanks & Reagrds

Sandeep Kumar Praharaj

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  1. Muhammad Umar

    Dear Sandeep,

    This document cover only one scenario of material replacement. Can you please explain mass addition of material.


    Muhammad Umar


    Dear Sir

    Very good explanation to the topic.

    But is there any way that I can change same for all line items in a single shot?

    As of now, I can change 9 entries at a time. And there are more than 10k+ items.

    Please help.



  3. Ho Tuan

    Dear Mr Sandeep,

    I used Tocde CEWB to change materia item and quantiy, but  it’s has an error: “Generation not supported for change object” when I click on Edit/Clock button. How can I fix it?

    Another way, I click 2 columm “component” and “quantity”. Then, I  input new value but the system respond ” 0 of 1 item change”. Can you explaind for me?


    Thanks very much,

    Xung Cong Ho


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