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Starting custom development with SDK – Eclipse troubleshooting

Not sure if others had this issue. When I initially set up Eclipse for playing around with SDK development , my components would not install. Some things I found out :

1. The SDKs examples are all setup to get the plug in information from the file. This file can be found in every sdk example. The folder for the same is hardcoded to  :

C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\Design Studio

pic1-designstudio target file.JPG

What this means :

If you have installed Design Studio to this folder – then you are all set up for SDK development. If you are not ( Like me ) – for instance – my folder was set to :

C:\Program Files\SAP BusinessObjects\Design Studio

you can do the switch two ways :

1. Change the file

pic1-designstudio target file changed.JPG

After you change the file – import the SDK into Eclipse

2. Change it directly in Eclipse

changing target in eclipse.JPG



Hit finish and do a clean project and then you should be able to run the plugin as an eclipse application. I am still not sure if the tiny red X marks against the plugin.xml and manifest matter.

Disclaimer : this could be something that could be common knowledge – if it is excuse my document . This is coming from a newbie in eclipse trying to make head and tail of a new IDE that looks cool but has too many buttons and tabs …

Possibly will do a series of documents on my experiments with custom component development . Also do let me know if this helps…..

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