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HCM EHP5, EHP6 and HR Renewal,Fiori Important links and documents

In this blog, I m going to enlist all the important links for upgrading or customizing EHP5, EHP6, EHP7, HR Renewal ,Fiori and others widely discussed topics.

Before this you need to know and  decide are you sticking with JAVA WD (No more enhancement for HCM) or moving towards WebDynpro ABAP based ESS/MSS and UI5 Landing pages etc (recommended approach). Since you are doing Technical upgrade, its better to migrate to latest technology as in both cases testing would be involved and you can get much more out of testing when you plan to migrate.

Please note once you plan to move away from JAVA WD to Newer WDA or UI5 based ESS/MSS, its a project in itself ie

For customers not planning to use WDA ESS/MSS then :

When you upgrade your Portal to NW 7.3 or 7.4 and need new BPs and doesnt want to upgrade ECC ie from EHP4 to EHP6/7, Please check below note

SAP NOTE 1874939 – SAP Business Suite for SAP NetWeaver 7.4 hub systems

you will find any dependency using UDA Tool

Need to use this new Business packages for new NW version

BP ESS 1.41
BP MSS 1.41




To understand how the EA HR and SAP HR versions vary in each EHPs

SAP versioning, part 2 (why EHP7 contains SAP APPL 6.17)

Now if customers plans to upgrade or install new EHP5/6/7 HCM, They have two deployments options ie without using Portal or use NWBC

Here are the options and benefits listed.

Moving towards ESS WD ABAP from WD JAVA, would indeed be a reimplementation but customer can preserve their configuration in backend but not in portal if they choose to use new Iviews. If they want to run parallel both JAVA WD and ABAP WD Iviews it ll require two set of roles once they activate switches for ESS and MSS as listed in below notes and links.

Please always familiarize with this new technology and switches, any new functionality in enhancement package is typically done through a switch, only once you activate this switch in SFW5, you ll see this option.

All Business Switches are listed here and their Important documentaion ie what and which functionality each switch brings and also the roles.

Each EHP release, brings its set of roles which you need to use :

Important Notes to consider :

1450179               ESS Based on Web Dynpro ABAP Available as of EHP5

1701634               HR renewal 1.0: Release Information Note

1685257               Portal Upload ie Business Package Deployment EHP6 above and beyond for WDA

Note HR Renewal 1.0 is based on EHP6, ie you can install HR add-on  on EHP6 to get HR renewal 1.0 ie effectively it ll make EA HR 607 (EHP6= EA HR 606). Read below the notes.

In similar vein, HR Renewal 2.0 is based on EHP7, But you need to install SAP HR 608, EA HR 608 ! for it, Ie if you install EHP8 directly you get HR renewal 2.0 with EA HR 608 etc, So in a nutshell, HR Renewal 2.0 is a pre-shipment of the HCM content of EHP8, therefore by installing HR Renewal the components EA-HR and SAP_HR will be

upgraded to 608,

1691231 – Release strategy for the ABAP add-on SAP HR renewal 1.0

1691232 – Installing SAP HR renewal 1.0 on ERP 6.0 EHP6

1965692 – HR Renewal 2.0: Release Information Note

1881006 – Release Strategy for the ABAP Add-On HR Renewal > For HR Renewal 2.0. See admin guide below.

HCM, Employee Self-Service on SAP UI5 – Human Capital Management – SAP Library   EHP5 ESS (EA HR 605) Switch HCM_ESS_WDA_1

Business Package for Employee Self-Service (WDA) 1.50 – SAP Library                        EHP6 ESS (EA HR 606)  HCM_ESS_WDA_2

HCM, ESS on Web Dynpro ABAP 3 – Human Capital Management – SAP Library            Business Switches        

ESS with UI5 Landing Pages ie HR Renewal, Now with HR Renewal we have provided functionality in Support package level as opposed to enhancement.

Configuration guide can be obtained from here (please note this require S user id)

Admin guides which provide information are listed here :…

HR renewal is a shipment name for quarterly shipments (also called feature packs ) in the HCM area that belong to the so-called In-Advance Shipments (IAS). With the HR renewal shipments, the software component EA-HR is shipped in advance to the next ERP enhancement package.


Support Package 03 = Feature Pack 1

Support Package 05 = Feature Pack 2

Support Package 10 = Feature Pack 3

Support Package 14 = Feature Pack 4   UI5 based Landing Pages for ESS/MSS and few services launched.

Related blogs on this are :

Steps to configure HR Renewal Landing Page

Configuration of Suite Page Builder (UI5)

HR Renewal 2.0 begins

HR Renewal – Useful Information and important links        > HR Renewal 1 and 2 Different Features in each Feature Packs

HR Renewal 2.0 FP details :

HR Renewal 2.0 FP1 Available

An overview of latest functionality in HR Renewal 2.0 Feature Pack 1

Roadmap Forms and Dynamic Processing Rules – enhanced data quality and higher system automation with HR renewal 2.0 Feature Pack 1

In ESS WDA, Homepage customisation is replaced with launch pad customisaiton, You need to use LPD_CUST or PFCG for configuring links or hiding them etc apart from the BADI given in ESS, Refer below

Tips & Recommendations for customizing ESS Menu (WD ABAP)

Embedding WD ABAP Self Services in custom buit pages and external portals

Adding custom pages (HTML or simple text) in ESS Homepage/Areapages (WD ABAP)

SAP Note 1943809, to call custom role ie ZESS in your Application etc

Important Customisation links Launchpad and Notes LPD_CUST, BADI Usage and Dynamic rendering

Dynamic Rendering of the Menu (BAdI HRESS_MENU) – Business Package for Employee Self-Service (WDA) 1.50 – SAP Library

Application Parameters – Business Package for Employee Self-Service (WDA) 1.50 – SAP Library

How to hide Help Center, Personalization, Map, Directory and Index options from ESS Overview Screen

Addition of custom infotypes or additional standard Infotypes in ESS

Adding any Info Type IN ESS in EHP5/6 through WebDynpro Configuration

Dummies Guide: Configuring Overview Screens in Personal Profile

Exciting Enhacements to ESS Personal Information Profile in Enhancement pack 6

You can check delta of functionality between different releases using the SAP Solution Browser

For MSS we have  called MSS ADD ON

1588625    Release information for Manager Self-Services Add-On 1.0

1582553    Release strategy for the ABAP add-on EA-HR_MSS

1582460    EA-HR_MSS: Overview note

Check the help links here first to understand the functionality :

SAP Library – Manager Self-Service (WDA)

What’s New in MSS HR Renewal 2.0

Configuration of ZMSS role or calling custom role in MSS :

Manager SelfService – How to customize team view application Hierarchy in NWBC HTML

MSS Reports

What happened to HR Reporting and Analytics in EHP6 and HR Renewal 1.0?

Reporting on Operational Data Providers (ODP)

Workforce Viewer

HR Renewal 1.0 Feature Pack 4: New Org Chart functionality – The Workforce Viewer


Most often there is a confusion that POWL uses SWFVISU, It doesnt . Information on configuring POWL can ve accessed here

To hide unnecessary queries from the POWL use trabnscation code POWL_COCKPIT and delete those queries from the inbox you are using.

Leave request single level approval TS21500003for WDA, This WF should be used

Muliple level approval  configuration as of HR Renewal FP3 Configurations for enabling Multiple approvers for Leave Request

SAP Notes for customisaiton of Leave request and Working time approval

1773641     ESS LEA: Web Dynpro ABAP based Leave Request use in UWL

1800335   CATS WDA: Web Dynpro ABAP based CATS use in UWL

Fiori and HR Renewal

Fiori apps are designed to work on desktop, tablet and smartphones using the same code and based on SAPUI5.

SAP Fiori does not replace HCM UX renewal, which is an in-depth renovation across all HR processes. SAP Fiori focuses on simplification for the most broadly and frequently used business functions for enterprise users.  Fiori includes HR apps, but has a broad scope, including not only employee and manager but also purchasing agent and sales reps.  Fiori doesnt require extra licensing costs and is available free with software licenses.

Fiori Apps can be used in conjunction with your HR Renewal footprint or as a standalone if these new released apps meets your requirement

What everyone in HR (or anywhere) should know a… | SCN

Wave 7 FIORI Introduction:

New Fiori Apps for HCM

Wave 9 Fiori : (New Fiori Roles for Manager and Employee to launch services)

Just Released – New Fiori Apps for HCM in Wave 9

Fiori Wave 9 enabling Concurrent and Global Employment

My Time Events – The New Fiori App for Clock-in/Clock-out (Fiori Wave 8)

HCM Processes and Forms

HCM Processes & Forms: My Blogs

HCM Processes and Forms with new User Interface

HR Renewal 1.0: HCM P&F – Creating a Basic FPM Form

HCM Processes & Forms: Why pick ONE form UI?…we have OPTIONS!


New Visual Identity – Corbu Theme for ESS/MSS

Application Parameters and URL Parameters – Reference – SAP Library

ie WDTHEMEROOT to set SAP_CORBU theme in WD_GLOBAL_SETTING Web Dynpro ABAP application

SAP Note 1679127 – Transfer style sheets (themes) to Web Dynpro applications

Testing of ESS/MSS application in SE80:

Want to access ESS/MSS WD applications without portal?

Translation in ESS/MSS:

** TEAM FPM ** – All about Translation and Texts of FPM applications

We delivered Max Attention services to maximize the potential of your upgrade to HR Renewal and understand which functionality can be implemente . Please contact us if you need further information on how you can leverage these services for the smooth and successful implementation.

Interested to hear how SAP MaxAttention can help HR Renewal implementation in your company? We’re happy to help! Email us at

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  • Hi Raj

    This is excellent blog to bring all HR renewal stuff in one stop.. Really appreciate your effort and time..You are the only one who deserve to own this blog.



      • Hi Siddharth,

        Thanks a lot for posting such a good information.

        But I confused with all below names.........

        WD Java, (I think first implemented, no flexible for configuration)

        WD ABAP,

        Netware WDA,


        NWBC portal

        what is the different between above 5........


        Anoku Raj

        • WD JAVA is flexible for configuration too but if you need code level changes then you would require NWDI for changing for JAVA, With WDA, you can directly use SE80. So it depends which configuration you are looking at and its preferred for new implementation to go with WDA/UI5, to get started above links are exhaustive and if you need more specific information, do get back to us

          • Dear Siddarth,

            Thank you for your replay. I got it.

            Recently my project (ESS/MSS) has started.

            Client employee base is around 1100.

            But there requirement looks full customizing (I think It is not possible to implement a few services in ESS/MSS)


            So that I can send document to you.

            Then replay whether it can be possible in ESS/MSS or not.

            It is very urgent please........



            Anoku Raj

      • Hi Siddharth,

        We would be upgrading to SAP NW 7.4 portal with EHP 7 functionalities. Are fiori apps provided automatically once we upgrade to EHP 7? Is there any place from where we can get list of fiori applications that we would get specifically for HCM once we upgrade to EHP7?



          • Hi Siddharth,

            NW 7.4 comes with embedded netweaver gateway and UI5 capabilities. So in order to use fiori apps in NW 7.4 portal  will there be any additional licencing cost i.e. apart from the basic licencing cost that we pay. is there any place from where i can get the licencing information for a particular version of portal?



          • Licensing costs doesn't change per your technical landscape There is a fixed price for the apps you can use ie 100 or 150 usd per user I assume but I m not sure best way would be to contact your account executive as they can offer More insights on it Above link which I shared did talk about the licensing costs

          • Hi Siddharth,

            Thanks for the info. Did you get any supporting document/link for this? For configuration of FIORI apps will it be pre delivered with NW 7.4 portal as in if we upgrade to 7.4 portal the folders for FIORI apps would these be available in Content Administration ->Portal Content folder?



  • Thank you for bundling all up nicely into one single blog. This info is like a user map for upgrade and new implementation for EHp5 EHp6 and HR-Renewals

  • Awesome Sid!!!

    Thanq for sharing such a wonderful bunch of Info ℹ in a single Doc. It surely helps us alot.

    Keep posting more as we always await for ur docs.

    Cheers 😉


  • Hi SID,

    Many thanks, working on ESS & MSS from early 2012 on Ehp5 & 6 versions only with the help of basic documents created by people such as Sagar Gadre, Sagar Joshi & You and a few seniors, those documents made a pavement to learn ESS & MSS on our own. And you people made SCN really a reliable source with utmost quality and introducing latest feature to us on time.

    I haven't get a chance to work on new emerged technologies like HR Renewal & Fiori yet. Hope I can startup working on those in leisure times with the help of this document.

    Best Regards,

    Srikanth Naidu. A

  • Hi Sidh,

    This one really helps, if we refer to this blog we can find all the required info for ESS and MSS in one place.

    Thanks a lot Sidh for taking time and composing this.

    We do appreciate all your efforts and contributions. Your contributions has helped me multiple times. I would like to take this opportunity and want to thank you for such a great work.


    Yugandhar Reddy

  • Good Work Sid.. ..It is very informative, useful and comprehensive.Thanks for collating all the links & documents.

    Best wishes


  • Hi Siddharth,

    it seems very good blog , need a valuable assistance from you , i have experience working in the R/3 System. now i want to implement the ESS and MSS module,

    What is the first step i should study on this. can you throw more on light on this. to understand which does what??? i put some questions but still i get  more advanced replies from experts.



    • Thanks, You need to know first which Enhancement package you are implementing and accordingly browse the above documents and learn from it, practice would be ideal along with learning from these are you posting your queries in SCN for ESS? I ll see if I can answer them

      • Hi Siddharth,

        This is what i am expecting, see you have given a path for me now that i must check the which enhancement package as a first step which i am gonna implement,  they have asked me to implement EHP 6,

        What could be the next step. i posted my question already here. one of SAP experts routed me to your blog. so i am raising it with you , here my blog



        • there are guides available in the links above, read all the notes unfortunately there is no simple guide available, you still need to read through many links and docs which are all listed above and encapsulate all your information

    • Hi Sid,

      Thank you for writing a good blog.

      It helped me a lot.

      Your blog has updated my knowledge after reading thrice.




  • Hi Siddharth

    Great work! Thanks for sharing all the important information at one place. I am bit confused about the upgrade of my nw portal from 7.01 to NW 7.31/NW 7.4  and we have already upgraded our ECC to EHP6 SP07 few months back. We have the following components in our portal and for now we are thinking of staying with WD JAva and was confused as to what versions i need to go for the upgrade.

    BP_ERP5***  1.0

    BP_ERP5COM  1.41

    BP_ERP5ESS  1.41

    BP_ERP5HRA  1.41 

    BP_ERP5MSS  1.41

    BPERPTMS  1.40

    SAP_ESS 603       ------------------------------> SAP_ESS 633  ???

    SAP_MSS 600      --------------------------------> SAP_MSS 630 ???

    SAPPCUI_GP  603  ------------------------------> SAPPCUI_GP 633 ???

    Thanks and any more help is greatly appreciated


    Haritha G

      • Thanks Siddharth. One more question Should we upgrade to the versions to 633 before we start the upgrade or after the upgrade is done.



          • Siddharth

            My client wants us to go to WD ABAP (ECC version already at EHP6 for ECC 6.0)and upgrade portal from 7.01 to Portal 7.3/7.4 for frontend. I am trying to figure out as to what will be the upgrade path.

            Upgrade Portal to 7.4

            Switch Business functions of WD ABAP in ECC (sfw5)

            Do i need to install any Business Packages for ESS and MSS?

            BPERPESSWDA 1.50

            BP_ERP5COM 1.51

            BP_ERP5MSS 1.51

            and if you wanted WDJ and WD Abap to coexist in portal, we should also upgrade the following

            SAP_ESS 603       ------------------------------> SAP_ESS 633  ???

            SAP_MSS 600      --------------------------------> SAP_MSS 630 ???

            SAPPCUI_GP  603  ------------------------------> SAPPCUI_GP 633 ???



          • Yes i You should use :

            SAP_ESS 603       ------------------------------> SAP_ESS 633 

            SAP_MSS 600      --------------------------------> SAP_MSS 630

            SAPPCUI_GP  603  ------------------------------> SAPPCUI_GP 633


          • For JAVA Business packages Juan has correctly replied, for WDA you don't need to deploy business packages, you can do via portal role upload as mentioned above via PFCG SAP Note #1685257                                                                  Portal Upload ie Business Package Deployment EHP6 above and beyond for WDA

  • Siddharth,

    This is simply ultimate Blog ... Very comprehensive... Informative and easy to understand.

    Thanks again for sharing your knowledge.



  • Hi Siddharth,

    Excellent work!... Very comprehensive... Informative and easy to understand.

    Thanks for sharing all the important information at one place.