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Email Rendering using DMS – Part 4

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Configuration table and rendering class

Part 3: Creating a template and a demo report

Part 4: Conclusion

After creating all the necessary data structures and rendering class in Part 2, followed by a test template and a demo report in Part 3, we now have our first initial sample:


This is just a test. Of course, you are more than welcomed to discover the possibilities and limits of this framework. Also, any kind of extensions, bug fixes, or suggestions will be greatly considered.

PS: I forgot to mention the hyperlinks in Part 2, so I’ll just add it here.

First step, you need to create the following structure:


Step two: Enhance the rendering class with an extra SET_HYPERLINKS method:

method set_hyperlinks.

type string value is initial.

type yerf_str_hyperlink.

  loop at it_hyperlinks[] assigning <fs_hyperlink>.
concatenate ‘<a href=”‘ <fs_hyperlink>url ‘”>’ <fs_hyperlink>tag ‘</a>’ into lv_value.

    replace <fs_hyperlink>tag in mv_content with lv_value. clear lv_value.


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