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How to combine several measures into 1 Pie chart

How to combine several measures into 1 Pie chart

Hi all,

Recently, I had a requirement to create a pie chart from several measures. As pie chart requires one measure, and multiple characteristics, this case is not trivial. In the following blog, I’m going to show you a simple way to create Pie graph from key figures.

My initial case is that I have several measures that I want to display on my pie graph:


In order to show them in pie graph, we need to convert them into characteristic, and create one key-figure to show the right measure for each characteristic.

In order to do that, we will use BEX capabilities, and create a structure that will have characteristic for each measure:


After that, we will create a formula that will display the right measure for each characteristic that we’ve created:


At that point we put “0” in the formula – we will fill the content later.

Now, what is left to do is use cells to fill the content of the measure we created:


In cells we put a reference on each relevant characteristic/measure (colored in blue) – to do that all you have to do is double click on the relevant cell.


And then, create a formula for each characteristic/measure (colored in red)


Each formula contain the relevant reference cell:


Now, what is left to do is hide the measures that we used, so that we see only one relevant measure:


That’s it. The query is now compatible with pie graph:


If we add it to Design Studio, it will work fine:


Good Luck!


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