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Breaking down the 4 barriers to operational excellence – ROLTA OneView

Chemical companies, compared to other industries, collect hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of data each day. From information spanning compliance, EHS, product ingredients, integrity and much more companies must manage these large amounts of data in data storage systems. Most times companies correctly identify and compile data, store it, and even analyze it; however they generally lack the much needed 360 degree view of the entire organization. Data from various business functions will be stored across multiple data storage systems across the company creating a dissonant landscape. The following list shows 4 identified areas where data across multiple storage systems has negatively affected operational excellence.

  1. Silos across operational networks
  2. Silos across business networks
  3. Silos across safety and sustainability networks
  4. Silos across enterprise social networks

By lacking integration between operational networks,  managers miss the holistic overview needed to make intelligent business decisions. Not only does this apply to the operational network, but to the business networks as well. Companies can analyze and perfect each line of business with multiple data  management systems, but if companies lack the integration between each network, oversight is lost.

Not only do the storage systems need to be interconnected, but they also need to be connected to external industry specific information and KPI’s. That way
companies can measure and track performance in comparison to industry standards to perfect operational excellence. Due to the increased importance of social networks to company success, companies must connect social network data with operational, business, and safety & sustainability networks.

Connecting all this data to get a holistic view of the company can be tricky. However, ROLTA OneView addresses this problem by giving companies multiple
dashboards that analyze and process mountains of data to display only the most valuable insights. IDC research shows that less than 1% of data in the digital universe is analyzed, creating a huge opportunity for chemical companies to glean insights to drive operational excellence and margin improvement.  By
the 360 degree view needed to make strategic decisions to further company
success. Eliminating the dissonance between various networks across the organization will bring the company one step closer to operational excellence.

How have you ensured your networks are interconnected?

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If interested more information on the ROLTA OneView solution can be found here.

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