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Pathfinder – defining your career goals

When we choose a career in SAP or as a matter of fact in any ERP industry, naturally our first goal is to get a good job where we get to learn more real time knowledge to sharpen our skills. Thereafter we all, by instinct, start dreaming of growth and promotions in terms of status and money. We don’t really have a more defined goal other than promotion and money. With the right amount of dedication and effort, most of us do reach at that stage where we successfully make ourselves easily marketable. But is that what our real goal is?

At some point there will be a saturation – as in, we may not always get a better job whenever we think we need a change. We may be doing the same type of work like solution, designing, configuration, issue tracking, problem solving etc and at times may need to reset our environments to get the new beginning excitement. (Solution and design perhaps always generates great excitement for me). That is called a stagnation and needs to be broken whenever there is one.

Boost the goal:

The best way to energize ourselves is to broaden our goals and add some bits to it that relates to our primary goal as in specific industry based or specific modules of our specialization or technology. There is an inherent benefit when we do this. I’ll tell you the reason for this a bit later. Adding another piece to the goal set will motivate us to pursue it. We will have to diverge ourselves towards such pursuits whenever the stagnation mind-block hits us. These additional goals will highly involve a lot of research, community involvement, social communication, reading etc. Interacting with knowledgeable people in our professional stream is always the biggest benefit one can get. This additional goal pursuit exercise will involve some selection procedure too. We will get thousands of good reading material, blogs, twitter feeds related to our goals but is it possible to follow all of them to start with? No certainly not. We need to be strategic. Select a few of the bloggers and people on twitter who write closest to our thought pattern and subject. This will create an instant addiction to read more and feed our thoughts on a regular basis. What else, but more sharpening of our knowledge and skill is what we are doing. This is why I suggested to select the additional goals closest to our primary goals to get that extra sharpening right away tagged to our professional proficiency. That is called PathFinding to success.

Tracking is mandatory:

In no time, we will notice that we are always completely engaged with activities that boost our mind and develop our thoughts and expression leading to better performance. Isn’t that a win win situation. But lets keep in mind that any goal that we choose should be achievable. So we need to keep them simple and smart. Eventually we will see the magic of energy boost driving us at anything we do which results in 100 percent of self utilization which has its own tremendous results. We can verify this from our confidence and quality of performance there after.

The beginning:

Wasting time is a sin. Aren’t we charged up enough to begin exploring on that catalyst in our career goals? Smart and successful people do not wait till that stagnation hits them. They are always completely engaged and sharing knowledge.

I have set the stage, now you come up with those ideas that will bring out the new you from within…

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  • Magnificent Write Up  Papri Roychoudhury
    Very  realistic approach and which is mandatory to keep the tempo going on.
    As changes are constant, adhering with different flavors of related technology will always be a wise approach.
    Very nice as i enjoyed every bit of your writing.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Aparajit. You took it the right direction. Lets hear what others have to say and see if we reach that point in discussion I had in mind when I started writing. I did keep some unsaid as gaps which I intended to be filled by the readers. Lets see if we get there…

  • Well written with a clear cut  winning thought. i for one am exploring avenues to a profitable and rewarding career path. like SAP career path especially SAP basis.

    okobi emeka samuel

    • Great! With the current flow of enterprise s/w technology which is trending towards web services, hope you are exploring more and keeping pace with all that is changing so fast in our world. The new world is very different from what it was may be just a year back.

  • Hi Papri,

    Thanks for sharing.

    Constant quest for knowledge that is in line with chosen career path is very important to keep one in motion. An achieved milestone is meant to inspire us for the next milestone(s).