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Fiori Launchpad – Steps to Add Wave 1 apps

This blog tends to take a step forward on Fiori Launchpad introduction blog by me.

Note :These steps are required only if you don’t have the latest UX packages installed.

          Please install the latest UX addons to benefit from all the features.

Now that we know that Wave 2 apps have been designed to be accessed by Fiori Launchpad and Launch page is already history. If you have all the Wave one apps up and running, it would be better if you get the entire wave 1 & wave 2 apps on the Launchpad.But how do we do it? SAP has provided a thorough documentation on what Launchpad is, and how it helps us. But still we are missing on any step by step approach to add new apps to your Launchpad.

This blog will help you to do the same. And as Fiori aims at “Keeping simple things simple”, adding apps to your Launchpad is also simple!

  • Here’s a link to the Launchpad designer that can be used to add catalogs and groups to your existing Launchpad.

       Launchpad designer:


  • Once you are on the designer, you can select to “Create a new catalog” by clicking on the + sign on the bottom. Provide a suitable Title and ID, and you are good to go.



  • Now that you have your catalog ready, you add tiles to your catalog. These tiles correspond to the apps you want visible in this catalog.  Select “App Launch Static” to create a simple Manager approval app.


Here’s how the tile would look like once added to the catalog. You can customize the tile, for the app you need to add.


If you click on the tile, you can see the details that can be modified for a particular app.

Add the relevant title and the target URL for the Manager Leave approval app.


  • Now you can add the catalog to a group. To create a Group, select the group icon and provide details like Title and ID.


  • You can select the catalog that you would like to add to this group.


  • You select Manager to add this to the group.


  • Now you want this app only visible to the Manager, who holds the right set of roles for approvals.

       To restrict the Access of app, Go to PFCG in the gateway system, and create a new role  for manager apps.

       Click on “Transactions” to add a “Grupee”.


From the drop down list you can select the appropriate Gruppe, in our case “manager”.


  • The last step to assign the appropriate users to this role .


  • Save it! And you are all set to use the “Manager leave approval” app on the new Launchpad.


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      Former Member

      Thanks Meghna for the blog. I was struggling as the links between old and new launchpads were confusing. Your blog clarified my doubts.


      But when I was about to save the catalog it gave me the below error.




      From other SDN link I am about to install few notes which are applicable to us. Just want to check with you if there is any specific note or I am missing something.


      Thanks again.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Raj,

      Sorry for the delay. It looks like the service is not activated.

      I have mentioned a few steps to analyze in your scn discussion.

      Please let me know if it works.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Raj. I have this error too. Did you find solution?

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Pavel


      I assume you are using Chrome. Try it in IE. See the below thread.


      Re: Fiori Admin Page - PAGE_BUILDER_CUST error


      Thanks, Raj

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Working! Thanks.

      Author's profile photo Masayuki Sekihara
      Masayuki Sekihara

      Thanks Meghna. You are an active contributor for SCN community.


      I strongly recommend customers/partners to install newUI packeges (UIX01EAP, UIX01HCM, UIX01TRV and UIX01CA1)which are Launchpad enabled UI and have UI extension points. New UI packages provide roles and tiles in the default. So you do not need to add tiles like above steps. Apps with new UI package work on Launchpad. Functions like back to home, logoff, theme parameter and more work fine with new UI packages.

      Please use new UI with new SAP Fiori Launchpad.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thnx Meghna


      Very useful Info keep sharing more docs on Fiori.




      Author's profile photo Consultant Elia Delaware
      Consultant Elia Delaware


      If you do it like mentioned abbove the application will open in a new tab


      From my point of view it is better to create a new application in the customizing of catalogs.

      And there point to the UI5 application using semantic navigation and choosing SAP UI5 application.

      Then this new application will open like any other Fiori (wave2) application, and open in the same window.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hi elia,


      Thats true, it would open in a new window.

      But if you do not have the latest UX components we will have to follow these steps.

      Author's profile photo Hemendra Sabharwal
      Hemendra Sabharwal

      Thanks Meghna, following the above steps, I am able to configure the My Contact App in FLP for Manager.


      Many Thanks

      Warm Regards


      Author's profile photo Arindam Samanta
      Arindam Samanta

      Hi Meghna,



      Your blog is excellent and very helpful. I am looking for steps to add wave 2 apps.


      Can help me out to do so?


      Thanks in advance.



      Arindam Samanta.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Arindam,


      Fiori Wave 2 apps Just make sure all your latest components have been installed and relevant roles have been assigned.

      The launchpad services & app services in SICF need to be activated.

      You can add these apps by customizing your launchpad in launchpad designer. which allows you to create new groups and catalogs.


      Once all steps for a particular app have been completed, you should be able to access it on your launchpad.

      Author's profile photo Pavan Golesar
      Pavan Golesar


      Firstly, nice post thanks for that. Why do we have wave 1 & wave 2  ? I mean why the differentiation.?



      --Pavan G