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  1. ramji k

    Hi Nisha,


    Your documentation is very useful to me. I have one issue pertains to BP transaction.

    When i create organisational unit in BP, I am getting the screen with fields greyed out.

    This issue already posted in the below link. can you please help me to find out where i am missing






  2. Amitesh Anand

    Hi Nisha,


    It is really a good and useful document.

    I wish you have also mentioned the purpose of automatic creation of BP from Customer/Vendor from business requirement perspective.

    For the Users reference I am giving the Link for another document where it is explained :


    Keep it up.


    Thanks and regards,


    Amitesh Anand

    1. Former Member
      Post author

      Thanks Amitesh .. i will update the document with Business objective too.

      My intention was to keep all customizations & steps in one place..

      But adding Business need to this will definitely enhance its usefulness.

      Thanks for feedback.



  3. Former Member

    Hi Nisha,


    This document helped me make CVI settings in direction from Vendor -> Business Partner. Thanks.


    I have made CVI settings such that with each Vendor record creation a Business Partner record is created. This is working fine.


    When I create a Vendor containing Contact Person details, then I expect 2 Business Partner records creation ( one for Vendor and one for Person). But this is not happening, only 1 Business partner corresponding to Vendor is gets created.


    What CVI setting is required in this case so that system should automatically create a Business Partner for Person also (Business Partner Category = 1) ?


    Thanks & Regards,

    Swati Verma

  4. Former Member

    Hi Nisha,


    Could you tell me why some providers do not carry the CVI although the group of suppliers are the same?




    I’m getting a DUMP message for a single supplier and analyzing this DUMP, it says there’a a missing register in the table CVI_002 . If I register it, the DUMP won’t happen . But why only for this supplier I have this error? Could tell me ?



  5. Former Member

    Hi Nisha,


    It is really useful document.

    I would like to know if this sincronization works with external numbers, because I made all the steps but i tried to used a external number but it didn’t work.

    Thank U

  6. Kazim Rizvi

    Hi Nisha, Can you please share the standard basic configuration required to just create Business partner as a Vendor Master Data? w don’t have any requirement for Business Partner (customer/vendor) Integration. Its a green field implementation and the installation of S4HANA 1610 on premise has recently been done.


  7. Former Member

    Hi Nisha,

    Is it possible to configure “000000 General BP” for this “Create BP and automatic creation of customer”? 


    Thank you,



  8. Former Member

    Hi Nisha,


    Can I please know whether workflow can be created on this BP creation and if yes then, what is the process??


    Thanks in advance.

  9. Former Member


    Hi Nisha,

    It’s a very good information but in my side when user create BP after few mints system generates automatically another BP with same address (Address Only) creating duplicate.

    Can you please advise me how can I restrict to mustn’t generate Duplicate BP automatically is SAP IS-U system.



    SAP IS-U Consultant



  10. Maximiliano Isoba

    Hi, this document is very useful to me.

    However, I had some doubts about the business partner approach and the documentation I see do not address my doubts:

    1. How do we create BP under different account groups? Is using different grouping (and assigning these grouping to different customer account groups) the correct/supposed way of doing it?
    2. How does the BP role field attribute and the customer account group relate or complement each other? Since in both IMG paths you define which fields are mandatory, optional, etc.

    Thanks & regards!


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