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SAP Innojam Paris 2014

During 2 days (9 & 10 of April) once again the University Alliances Team – France and Maghreb hosted a great Innojam in Paris, France. This time it took place at INSEEC Business School, who kindly lend its facilities to perform this event.

The participants: Students from engineering and business schools such as CESI, EISTI, EPSI, IESEG, INSEEC, Université Paris-Ouest, Université Paris Dauphine and SIMPLON and even Tunisian students from UIT (Université International de Tunis) travelled in order to be present at this year’s Innojam.

The Technologies: During this Innojam the preferred technologies for working on were: SAP Lumira and SAP HANA.


The morning of April the 9th INSEEC business school’s facilities were prepared to receive students from several business and engineering schools as well as 10 business and technical coaches for the highly expected SAP Innojam in Paris.

At 8:30 students started to arrive. Highly motivated and with great expectations they went to the big conference room where Design Thinking coaches and University Alliances team were expecting for them to introduce the Innojam concept as well as the Design Thinking approach.

Entrepreneurship Program Launch!!

Since the beginning of the day the University Alliances Team took advantage of this occasion for launching the Entrepreneurship Program of SAP UA.  Students were told they’ll be working on the business plan of their prototype. This concept got the students very excited as it allowed some of the business oriented students to put in practice knowledge they have acquired at school and see it put together with a prototype.

Once the basic concepts were presented, it was time to get to know the challenges!!

Business Cases (Challenges)

This time; we prepared 3 challenges for students to work on:

  1. a)    « Comics City » SAP au secours des villes et de leur super héros.

In this election period, all the candidates have presented their proposals for improvement and change.

  • What if we lived in a world of comics? How would our Mayors manage the city?
  • What would they do for attracting / keeping/ and increasing loyalty from their super heros?
  • Do you think the power of a super hero could be an SAP solution?  Batman does not owe his success only to his power and logistics.
  1. b)    «Ma tournée des Stades» Après les dieux, les devins du stade.

You’re a show producer and several cities ask for you to bring artists and singers to their stadiums.

Beyond the importance of the artist, the investments are in risk and insurance rates as well. Risky investments and insurance rates have made you become very cautious.

With the purpose of reassuring your partners and helping you make the good choice, you dream about a predictive solution to help you know:

  • The good place for a good show
  • The appropriate format for the audience
  • The good way of communicating to the target market
  • The ideal logistic plan

This way the government of the city and yourself will end up winning.

  1. c)    «Paris est à vous ! »  Rien ne sert de courir, il faut choisir à point

These last year’s Parisians saw the improvement of public transportation.

Bikes, cars, subways, tramways, bus, trains, shuttles, etc, are at our disposition for our day to day usage.

However, false ideas, and misinformation make that not many Parisians change their transportation habits.

We know already the traffic information in real time. By car using this is simple, because we count our distance in Km. But how about using the same solution with other means of transportation such as bikes?  Does the solution remains as efficient as by car?   Additionally, we would like to be ecological and not use our cars so much, but… security is also important.

Optimizing transportation time is essential, but gaining loyalty in using these diverse means of transport could be even better.

Design Thinking !!!

After each team had taken their decision on which business case to work on, they started their Design Thinking Session!!

During this session students are given techniques for helping their creativity to go further and find better solutions to a problem. This methodology permits a better understanding on how to conceptualize and design an application in a fun and non-stressful environment.

Design Thinking Coaches: Silvia NAUERMANN, Virginie DEMONET, Aurélie URBAIN, Olivier CAUDRON, et Joseph NUNES DE MATOS worked very dynamically with each of their teams helping them to get the most out of the chosen business cases.

After the Design Thinking Session; students had very clear what they wanted to do as a prototype. Now it was time to make it come true. For these; we invited Tech Experts in SAP HANA & SAP Lumira (Christelle LE GOFF and Laurent LIZOURET) and also Business Experts in order to explain the Business Model Canvas concept and other ideas that would allow them to work on a business plan for their project later on.


This day was dedicated to working hard on the prototype of each team. Students downloaded SAP Lumira and started working on it, while the business oriented ones worked on the Business Plan carefully guided by our Business Experts (Julien VIGNON & Aymeric SIMON).  Thanks to their guidance students were able to grasp the importance of creating a business plan at the same time than the technical prototype.

Presentation Time:

By the end of the afternoon students were asked to stop working and present their final prototypes as well as the business plan associated to it.

For evaluating the presentations and selecting a winner, we invited 4 special guests for becoming the jury of that afternoon.

This Jury was composed by :

  • Laurent MOCOEUR
  • Martin KAMGUEN
  • Alfred BONNARD

Students gave wonderful presentations applying SAP technologies and impressed the jury with the visible understanding they had acquired of SAP technologies during those 2 days.

It was amazing to see how in 2 days, all students managed to grab a lot of SAP knowledge, and get to nicely integrate it to their projects.

And the Winner is?

After a long discussion on the part of the jury, they arrived to an agreement. Taking the decision was hard as all the presentations were very good and ideas were very original. In the end, there could be only one winner. So the winner was…

Team 3 and their project ParkLib Corp!!!

This new Innojam experience was great not only for participants but also for the tech experts, business experts and organizers as well. These kind of events show us how much space there still exists for innovation and we just need to put our brains into action to discover new possibilities of innovation.

Some feedback from our students:

« Ces deux jours d’immersion sont intenses, et on l’en ressort la tête pleine d’idées. N’ayant pas pris le temps de me documenter à propos de l’Innojam, je m’attendais à une démonstration « basique » des produits. J’ai d’abord été surpris, puis conquis. »

  • Thibaud FRICHET (student at CESI)-


“These 2 days of immersion are intense; and we get out of there with the head full of ideas. Not having had the time to inform myself correctly about Innojam, I was expecting a “basic” demonstration of SAP products. I was at first, surprised that I was wrong and in the end captivated by the experience”

  • Thibaud FRICHET (student at CESI)-

Special Thanks:

Design Thinking coaches

  • Silvia NAUERMANN
  • Virginie DEMONET
  • Aurélie URBAIN
  • Olivier CAUDRON
  • Christian MERCIER

Technical Coaches

  • Christelle LE GOFF
  • Laurent LIZOURET

Business Coaches – Entrepreneurship Program

  • Aymeric SIMON
  • Julien VIGNON

INSEEC Business School, for making this event possible on their facilities and for their participation to our Innojam (Marina MOUCHEZ, Martin KAMGUEN, Alfred BONNARD).

Thank you very much everyone for your effort and enthusiasm! We are hoping to do it again!!

University Alliances Team – France & Maghreb

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