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  1. Alberto Jior

    Arijit Hi

    I have one problem, I did same  example your , my initial page is ok. But when I loggin and after logout  I dont see the same page, I am seeing  old pagei

    1. Arijit Das Post author

      Hi Alberto,

      Do you want to get the login page back when logged out ?

      If yes, follow the steps below:

      1. Stop Tomcat

      2. Copy the file from <Tomcat Installation Dir>\webapps\BOE\WEB-INF\config\default to <Tomcat Installation Dir>\webapps\BOE\WEB-INF\config\custom

      3. Configure the exit URL in the new properties file. There is a parameter url.exit in the properties file. Configure it as url.exit=http://server:port/BOE/BI

      4. Start Tomcat


        1. Akhil Sinha

          Hello Arijit,

          First of all thank you so much for sharing useful information for customization.

          I am using BO 4.1.As mentioned by you, I added some text on login page of BI Launchpad and it’s working fine.

          After that I followed the steps mentioned by you to Alberto but when I logoff the BI Launchpad screen just show a white window (kind of hang up). The error message says “Invalid argument :”.

          The bottom line is I am not able to get back to login page with csutomizations done after logging off though I can see customizations when opening BI Launchpad.

          Please advise.



  2. samson r

    Hi Arijit,

    I followed your blog and added a custom message in BI launch pad login page.

    Thanks for the same.

    I would like to know whether we can add such customizations (other than changing colors,logos etc) like we can do for Login page by altering  logon.jsp file.

    eg: adding hyperlinks, custom messages in BI launch pad HOME page.

    Do we have access to jsp files for these pages as well?



    1. Arijit Das Post author

      Do you want to customize the home page after login ?

      It is recommended to use the OEM customization tool in that case, which allows us to control colors, fonts, logo etc by using our own css and custom images. Adding additional elements is not possible with this tool though.

      1. samson r

        Are you referring to the CUSTOMIZE.CSS file included in the infoviewbranding.jar?

        I have already modified the background and border colors, logos etc by altering CUSTOMIZE.CSS file .

  3. Mani Popuri

    Hi Arijit,

    Is it possible to change login form style, like increase the height and width of username and password fields?

    Just for testing I have removed <h:form.. </h:form> and tested then I don’t see logon fields on screen, so what does this form and from where this form is coming.

    Please let me know your thoughts on this.



  4. Sohel Ahmed Syed

    Thanks a lot for sharing this Arjit.

    I need to know how can i dispaly an image in the logon.jsp file. We are using Tomcat with Vintella SSO, while SSO is happening the browser is struck on logon.faces for few seconds and a blank screen shows utill it logs in completely. I want to eliminate this by showing some image on the browser screen while SSO is happening.

    I am sure there are lot of others who would be interested in such solution, any inputs on this would be of great help.



    1. Sohel Ahmed Syed

      Thanks JRK  rather I think there should be such such functionality available by default. In most of the enterprise web applications you will see some loading or welcome message while its authenticating instead of just a blank screen. I think we should submit this as an idea.

    1. Arijit Das Post author

      It is recommended to use OEM Customization tool for any customization in the BI Launchpad UI after login. But I doubt if showing a custom message there is possible.

  5. David Vincent

    And i presume it’s athe same place i can add a link to do a reset password (like on my BOBJ system – who’s connect to a ECC system) – i’ve did the same thing for Dataservices, its connected to ECC and i want to add a link to do a reset password

    Thanks for the help, really appreciated (see attach)bi_launchpad.JPG

      1. Arijit Das Post author

        for a password reset, the user has to be authenticated first, and after login, the user can change password from preferences. Do you want a “Forgot Password ?” kind of link ?

        1. David Vincent

          Yes kinda like on my print screen – some users dont log into ABAP systems, only BOBJ / BODS so they have to call it to get a password reset / password change.  We want to provide a password reset link that is connect with the ABAP backend for expired password.  Its already in place in our BOBJ systems

          1. Mark Prosser


            I’m not from the SAP BW side of things, I’m a traditional BusinessObjects person. Is the change password link in SAP a static url? If so, could you not just recreate it on your BO page with standard “a href” hyperlink syntax?

  6. Diego Valencia

    Hi Arijit,

    Thanks for sharing!!!

    we have a BO 4.1 and the users access their reports through an Enterprise Portal so, there is SSO between the two servers, but every time the user click the menu for a BO report there is a blank page for about 4 seconds which as I can see is the time that takes openDocment .faces to load, I think this is the logon part (am I wrong), the question: is there any way to reduce this 4 seconds? if not, is there any way to display another page, not a blank one, for example a page with an image of a clock (o something like that).



  7. Chris Merritt

    I’ve been trying to get this working for the past few days; nothing I do seems to work.  I’ve tried all of the steps above with no success.  We use Active Directory and are automatically logged into Launch Pad when we hit our url, e.g., https://servername:port/BOE/BI/.  We do not receive a warning message, nor do I see any changes to the logon screen when I click the logout button from Launchpad.  Any ideas?

  8. Mark Prosser

    A great idea and very useful. I may investigate further to see if I can integrate this with the data warehouse load to create a popup message warning about a load failure.

    1. Sanjit Jha

      Hi Mark

      I have a very similar requirement. If a new report has been published client wants a Pop up on login screen. Please let me know if you have done anything on the load failure. I can probably do the same thing . Unfortunately i have very limited knowledge of Java to do any changes like this. Also Since the changes are not static it will be difficult to redeploy the BO Portal (by stopping tomcat) so frequently.



      1. Mark Prosser

        I’ve not tried it yet, real world projects have got in the way. I would be trying it on 3.1 if I do get the chance but there’s nothing to stop you using php or similar to check the warehouse.


    Hello Arijit,

    We are on BI 4.1 and I tried the steps (1 -19) you provided and restarted tomcat and I do not see the popup message. What am I doing wrong?

    Thx Rupa

      1. RUPA PURNIK

        Hi Arijit,

        I figured it out. Instead of updating redirection.iframe.1, I updated under redirection.iframe.2. I am seeing the pop up now and it works nice. Thanks!


    Hi Arijit,

    Also in your step # 12 (Open existing file in notepad for editing which is under <Tomcat Installation directory>\webapps\BOE\WEB-INF\internal),

    I see in this dir there is a readme file that says: DO NOT MODIFY FILES IN THIS FOLDER! These files are part of the internal configuration of the BOE web app and may NOT be modified by the end user admin.)

    Is it okay to modify this file here?


    1. Arijit Das Post author

      Actually this method of customization is not supported by SAP. This is just a workaround. For me, it did cause no issue. If you do so, always keep a backup.

  11. Pradeep Prakash

    Hi Arijit,

    Thanks for sharing this. I tried the same steps and seems like this is not working for me. Is this because we have a SSO enabled, anyone who go to the URL is directly taken to the launch pad.

    My question :

    1. Is there any way we can display this custom message in the launch pad landing page.

    2. or a pop up once the user is logged in.


    Pradeep Prakash

  12. Pallavi Deshmukh

    Hello Arjit,

    Very useful post..!!! Excellent..

    I am also having kind of same requirement, where I want to modify default error msg.

    My scenario is as follows:

    1. In my dashboard I have used Tab control having 3 tabs.

    2. Each tab contain URL button which navigates to other dashboard.

    3. Few users having one access to 1st tab. i.e. only one dashboard.

    From CMC I explicitly removed view access to  that dashboard.

    4. Now when user click on URL button it navigates to error page showing error as:

    “An error occurred: Could not find the document.”

    5. I want to modify this error.

    Can u plz ut some light on this.



  13. Raja Mahesh Musunoori

    Hi Arijit,

    Thank you for sharing this info. Did you ever tried adding a customized text for Inforamtion Steward logon page? Could yo please help me.

    Kind Regards,


  14. Swapnil Yavalkar

    Hi Arijit Das,

    I have implemented this successfully, however after logging out from BILaunchpad it again loads the same alert. Is there a way to stop getting this alert message after logging out from BILaunchpad? Its BI4.2 SP02 version.

    Thanks in advance.


    1. Arijit Das Post author

      create a page without alert message and configure url.exit parameter in to display the page without alert on logoff.

  15. Uday Mogulla

    Hi Arijit,

    Thanks for sharing this post, I have successfully implemented this in tomcat but how to update the BOE war file which we have to deploy on weblogic.

    when I go to below location, I don’t see custom.jsp or logon.jsp files

    <BO Installation Dir>\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.1\warfiles\webapps\BOE\WEB-INF\eclipse\plugins\com.businessobjects.webpath.InfoView.jar

    Could you please help me.

    Thank you


  16. Hemalatha Komaragiri

    Hi Arjit,

    Thanks for this article, very useful. I have implemented your workaround in BI Launchpad 4.2 version and it works fine.

    Now the problem is i have to do the same custom message on Opendocument login page, when i tried the same steps it doesn’t work. can you please advise the steps to update the custom message on Opendocument login page, this is quiet urgent request will appreciate your prompt response.


  17. Mingthingla Keishing


    I want to be able to change the text on the Logon Page

    “Enter your user information, and click “Log On”.
    If you are unsure of your account information, contact your system administrator.”

    This used to be possible with BOE XI 3.1 using the within the PlatformServices_en.jar file located at E:\Tomcat7\webapps\PlatformServices\WEB-INF\lib

    Any thoughts for BI 4.2?

    Also, I’m reading through the Guide. It’s not clear to me if the Customization described has to be done BEFORE the installation only?


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