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Enabling iOS Push Notification on Cloud for Customer

iOS Notification is the simplest and fastest way to get notified when something happened. However even with the Cloud for Customer iPhone or iPad app installed, iOS Notification functionality is not available. Here is a quick work around guide how to enable iOS Push Notification even without installing Cloud for Customer app.

Sample Use Cases :

– Get notified when I get assigned a task

– Get notified when winning an opportunity

Required Third-Party Services :

– GMail

IFTTT iOS App installed on your iDevice. I written another blog post related to IFTTT so I am not going to explain more here. See How To Add SAP Jam as IFTTT Channel


  1. Configure workflow to send email notification to your Gmail. Rei Kasai posted a detail guide on How to configure workflow to send email notifications and create tasks . Here I created a rule that send an email to my GMail when an opportunity change to Won status. For more details on how to setup notification rules you can also go to SAP Cloud for Customer – SAP Help Portal Page
  2. Install IFTTT iOS App on the device you want to receive push notification.
  3. Add the GMail and iOS Notification channels to your IFTTT account.
  4. Create a recipe when receiving specific email, send an iOS notification. Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 11.39.50 AM.png
  5. Finally activate the receipt and you should get the following when an opportunity change to won

Since IFTTT is a very power service with so many other channels you can also get creative here with different kind of trigger e.g. turning on or blink the Philips Hue Light when you get a new notification.

P.S. there will be delayed of getting the notification since IFTTT only check the GMail in >20 mins intervals.

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