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Tips: Change Documents

What are Change Documents?

Change Documents are logs for changes made on HR Infotypes (creations, modifications and deletion of Infotypes records).  We are able to define, by customization, which Infotypes will be documented.

Where Change Documents are configured?

  • You may search the string “Change Document” within IMG to locate all the relevant IMG activities.
  • Configuring the PA Infotypes, we wish to document, is done on the following IMG path: Personnel Management >> Personnel Administration >> Tools >> Revision >> Set up change document.
  • Pay Attention that no Infotype is being recorded on the standard system. It’s our decision and responsibility to determine which Infotypes (and even which Infotype’s fields) will be documented. So if you are asking yourself – why won’t we document each and every field within an Infotype? The answer is that the log consumes large space on the database and therefore it’s recommended to document only the necessary records, especially those relevant for payroll.

How to define change documents?

After you enter to the IMG activity specified above, you need to go through three major steps:

1. Infotypes to be logged:

  • Enter a separate row for each Infotype we wish to record.
  • Use class A for employees’ Infotypes (HR master data administration) and class B for applicants’ Infotypes (applicant administration).

2. Field group definition:

  • Here we specify which fields are to be documented for each Infotype.
  • If we enter * in the Field Name column, all the Infotype fields will be documented. Alternatively, we can press <F4> on that column and select the relevant fields.
  • Field Groups: The field group is being used in order to group several fields together, meaning that if a single field within the group is changed, then all the fields in the group will be documented (the default field group is 01). We can also define dependencies between different groups – this is done on the next step.

3. Field group characteristics:

  • Here we define which field group will be documented.
  • There are two type of change documents:
    • Long Term (L) changes will be documented in the system until they are deliberately deleted. They can be transferred to archive (archiving object: PA_LDOC). The changes are documented per employee and per Infotype.
    • Short Term (S) changes are similar to the Long terms, but they are documented per date and time.

How can we evaluate the change documents?


Execute report RPUAUD00 or transaction code S_AHR_61016380.

  • Fields “Personnel number” and “Infotype” are relevant for Long-Term documents. Fields “Changed on” and “Changed by” are relevant for Short-Term documents. The same goes for the Sort Order section.
  • The <Read from archive> button is used for reading data from the archive.
  • Pay Attention that the change documents for a specific infotype will be retrieved only if you have proper authorizations for that Infotype. For that reason, you may consider definingt separate authorizations for the report (authorization object HR: REPORTING).
  • If we wish to add data from the change documents into a custom report, we may use the following function modules: HR_INFOTYPE_LOG_GET_LIST and HR_INFOTYPE_LOG_GET_DETAIL.

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