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How to Execute and scheduled BODS jobs from BW.

Hi All,

Here, we will discuss how to execute and schedule BODS jobs from BW. There are two types of data processing available in BODS for BW. Those are below and will discuss one by one.

1. Data Loading into BW

2. Data moving out from BW

Prerequisite:RFC between BW and Dataservice should be running status.

1. Data Loading into BW:

  • Create New Datastore for BW.  Datastore type as “SAP BW Target”


  • Double click on transfer structure and Import BW data source(PSA) from the list.


  • Same way create datastore for source system and import table.
  • Create new batch job and add dataflow into it.


  • Open a dataflow and track and drop source and target table. Create logical flow between source and target as per business requirement.



  • Validate and save the batch job.
  • Goto BW, create infopackage for respective datasource and fill the “3rd party selection” details as below.

Repository    : BODS repository name

JobServer     : BODS running jobserver name

JobName     : BODS job name


  • Save and Execute infopackage.It will trigger BODS job which will load the data into BW datasource.


  • Add this infopackage into process chain and schedule it.


2. Data moving out from BW

  • Create New Datastore for BW.  Datastore type as “SAP BW Source”.


  • Right click on datastore and click “import by name” from context menu.



  • Create new batch job and dataflow. Open dataflow and create logical flow between source and target table as like below



  • Validate, save and execute it. data will be loaded into target table.
  • You can also execute these batch job from BW Process Chain.
  • Add new process chain variant “Start job in SAP BusinessObject Data Service” into Process Chain.


  • Fill the source system details and  job name as like below,save and close it.


  • Variant  added in Process Chain


  • Save and Execute the Process Chain. Process Chain will trigger the BODS Job and that will load the data from BW to target table.
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  • Hi Ramesh,

    very nice document.

    Further, is this also applicable when I want to load data into/from HANA instead of BW? Or else, what is the possibility in this case?


  • Hi Ramesh,

    I am not able to find the option in the Infopackage section for 3rd party selection.

    Could you please advise on this .


  • Hi Ramesh,

    Very nice document. We are unable to trigger the BODS job from BW. We are getting the following error when we trigger BODS job via BW Process chain.

    ———- Error: ———-

    (14.2) 09-20-17 15:45:49 (E) (16608:18748) DBS-070401: |Data flow DF_EXPORT_BW_SGLFC|Loader QueryPackageStatus_FIM_JOB_RUN_PACKAGE_STATUS

    ODBC data source <FXXSDBSXXX\SAP,49XXX> error message for operation <SQLExecute>: <[Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client

    11.0][SQL Server]Cannot insert the value NULL into column ‘JOB_RUN_ID’, table ‘FIM_REP.dbo.FIM_JOB_RUN_PACKAGE_STATUS’; column

    does not allow nulls. INSERT fails.

    [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0][SQL Server]The statement has been terminated.>.

    (14.2) 09-20-17 15:45:49 (E) (16608:18748) DBS-070401: |Data flow DF_EXPORT_BW_SGLFC|Loader QueryPackageStatus_FIM_JOB_RUN_PACKAGE_STATUS

    ODBC data source <FXXSDBSXXX\SAP,49XXX> error message for operation <SQLExecute>: <*****>. This message contains some internal

    system details which have been hidden for security. If you need to see the full contents of the original message, ask your

    administrator to assign additional privileges to your account.

    (14.2) 09-20-17 15:45:49 (E) (16608:18748) RUN-051005: |Data flow DF_EXPORT_BW_SGLFC|Loader QueryPackageStatus_FIM_JOB_RUN_PACKAGE_STATUS

    Execution of <Regular Load Operations> for target <FIM_JOB_RUN_PACKAGE_STATUS> failed. Possible causes: (1) Error in the SQL

    syntax; (2) Database connection is broken; (3) Database related errors such as transaction log is full, etc.; (4) The user

    defined in the datastore has insufficient privileges to execute the SQL. If the error is for preload or postload operation, or

    if it is for regular load operation and load triggers are defined, check the SQL. Otherwise, for (3) and (4), contact your

    local DBA.

    (14.2) 09-20-17 15:45:53 (16608:15588) DBS-070401: |Data flow DF_EXPORT_BW_SGLFC|Loader FilterExport_SOURCE_BW_SGLFC

    (14.2) 09-20-17 15:45:53 (16608:15588) RUN-051005: |Data flow DF_EXPORT_BW_SGLFC|Loader FilterExport_SOURCE_BW_SGLFC

    (14.2) 09-20-17 15:45:59 (E) (19444:7884) DBS-070401: ODBC data source < FXXSDBSXXX\SAP,49XXX > error message for operation <SQLExecute>: <[Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client

    11.0][SQL Server]Incorrect syntax near ‘JOB_RUN_ID’.

    [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0][SQL Server]Statement(s) could not be prepared.>.

    Do you know what is the issue here and how can we fix this?



  • Hi Ramesh,


    I´ve followed your procedure and it works fine.

    But, we have one Data Service configured with 2 system configuration: DEV and PRD. When we execute the job in DS Console, there is a combo box which we can choose what system to use.

    How about BW? How could we start one job from BW where we could choose what system configuration to use?


    Thanks a lot!