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Useful Notes on ATP (Available-to-promise)

Very often I have seen there are discussions on ATP check, committed quantity, problems with ATP check in production/planned order, ATP check with replenishment lead time, sales order confirmation and delivery, material availability date etc. The answers to the most asked questions on ATP are answered through FAQ notes, knowledge base articles and consulting notes.

It is always good to read the FAQ, KBA and consulting notes when we start with a new area, these notes explains system standard behavior and possible solutions/workarounds

1725088 *  Discrepancy between transactions Co09 & Co06

1893237 *  Everything about transaction Co09

1719274*   Checking Rule in Availability Overview (transaction Co09) will be not filled with a default value

1837190*   Non-confirmation in sales documents or deliveries because of inconsistency.

1850115*  Confirmed quantity couldn’t be sorted as order numbers in CO09

1900457*  Why ATP (like CO09) does not consider ‘Final Delivery’ indicator (MEPO1313-EGLK

1622500*  ATP check considers Purchase orders on hold

1603840*  Delivery creation with less quantity and complete delivery indicator

547118   FAQ: Result of ATP calculation

153355  No availability owing to negative ATP quantity

99999    ATP server: Installation and sizing.

835219  FAQ: ATP composite note

321803  Explanatory notes on the ATP Customizing

321803  Explanatory notes on ATP Customizing (for production orders)

548779  FAQ: Delivery units during the availability check

622299  Consulting: Availability check against planning

547508  FAQ: Schedule line overview and ATP

546965  FAQ: Correlation and delivery groups in SD

821739  FAQ : Rescheduling Transaction (V_V2) in Purchasing

498149  FAQ: Availability check in purchasing

842829  Replenishment dely from stock trans order: Special features

766475  FAQ: ATP check and confirmation of stock transport orders

123500  Controlling the results of the availability check

498149  FAQ: Availability check in purchasing

549064  FAQ: Rescheduling and backorder updating in R/3

563254  FAQ: Backorder processing

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If I missed any usefule notes please add it..!!

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