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Author's profile photo Florian Henninger

The passion to be a (good) developer

In my new blog I thought I bring a theme up, which hits everyone of us.

The passion being a developer. I want to share things about my passion why I want to be a good developer at all, how to reach it and moreover how to stay there.

I mean, it is more than just having a job, going to work and earn money to live my life. For me, my work is a passion, ok sometimes there might be moments I do not got that much passion to it, but you know, all in all I’m really one of these persons, which got the luck to have a job they love.

But enough of those none catchable reasons back to the main topic.

I’m thought quite a while about this blog here and how I want to transfer my message. I mean, should I do a counting? Oh yeah, I love counting points but in this special case I’m not sure, if this is a good method. I mean, there are more than one blog out there talking about good developing and I also shared one.

Also I wasn’t sure about the space, but I think this one is the best and contains a lot of people who are interested in facts like that.

But is this the same, good developer = passionate developer?

I don’t think so, I’m pretty sure a very young developer with (nearly) zero expertise could also be a very passionate developer. That means, it is not the way first to get a good developer and then to find the passion. In my opinion I would say it is exact the other way. Start your job as developer and recognize your passion to it and you will get a good developer for sure.

It’s not rocket science all the time

There is also a lot of stuff which doesn’t have that much passion in it. You know, it is not all the time developing cool stuff. When I used to be student I developed most of the time very cool stuff, a CD-player, games, an app with different webservices and so on. I mean I did that for getting my school-projects and because I got a lot of fun with it. The messie parts weren’t in the middle of the day.

Starting my career changed it a little. Being a developer isn’t all the time doing rocket science. I mean, we also have to earn our money and that means there are also parts of just getting a job done. There will be always boring tasks to do, but your job becomes more interesting over time, because you will take more senior responsibilities day for day.

Yeah, it is that easy.  Remember that thing if you got a bad day. But a very important thing is that it is also from time to time the rocket science thing. I mean you need to life your passion to not lost her (in my opinion passion is a girl, everybody should decide by it’s own 😛 )

Lost the passion because of not having rocket science, what now?

Good developers might lose their passion for doing that mentioned above. I cannot understand those people, I mean as an developer we got a big advantage in our job. You know, we are part of the introducers which can show new ways of working. We are able to change thinking of people in a wise not that much people can do it. I’m not thinking about big new designs and stuff like that… not at all. I also think about the small features. You develop or enhance written source and improve it. Perhaps it is just one click not to do right now and if you got some knowledge of the industry you know what efforts are made by just saving a click 🙂

What I want to say with it:

You just have to change the perspective about the things you have to do. And if you are not happy with your things you have to do, let the team around know, that you want to get into something different. I mean, if you are not talking about things that drive you crazy you are not going to change these things.

I’m a developer, do I have to communicate?

Yes you have to. Perhaps this is the hardest part to understand, what this skill has to do with being a passionate developer. IT is not just 1 0 1 1 0 1. When I talk about my job a lot of times there is this picture drawn, that I’m a introvert guy, sitting in the basement, not having daylight and get my food delivered to not leave my chair 😯

This perception has changed, we are considered now almost like rock-stars (ok, perhaps not that much, but you know what I want to say). Today apart from the technical skills you need to be an awesome communicator, negotiator and team player.  Normal workplace contains a team and we are part of it, isn’t it?

I read in an interview, that passionate developers would do their job also for free, without getting paid, just because they love it.

I won’t go that far, moreover I would say, that the passionate doesn’t stop at the end of the day. I think it is worse to spend some of my leisure time to explore things I’m not able to do at my working hours. But also make sure you can relax and do not try to even get 24/7 into developing. That is also not helpful…

Do you know a lot?

Whenever you think that you are wrong. And that is exact the difference between the people just doing a job and having passion for it. I mean, developing and the technology is changing too fast, but if you are passionate in your job, it doesn’t matter. I like exact that thing, that there is every day something new to learn out there. Whenever I thought there is nothing to add I always was wrong and that is great. That means, there are that much content out there, that I can spend always time to discover something I didn’t know yet.

That’s all Folks!

Upps, I needed a lot more words than I want to use in the beginning. But there is so much to say about and I hope you enjoyed reading it.

If I’m wrong with something or if you think, you have to add something, feel free to leave me a comment.

Thank you for reading to the end.



BTW: I know that this is extensive area with a lot of different opinions but in the end I think we all driving the same highway 😉

All pictures are out of my collection I made through my surfing. So if one or more is limited for public, let me know and I will remove it immediately.

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      Author's profile photo Madhava Rao Basava
      Madhava Rao Basava

      Hi Florian,

      Basically i'm a functional consultant but i've started working on programming. I find your blog very inspiring and motivating for beginners like me. Thank for your sharing your experience. Your passion, child like enthusiasm and love for work is very motivating.

      It really made me confident that one day i will become a good developer.

      Keep writing....


      Author's profile photo Naren Karra
      Naren Karra

      Hi Florian,

                     It's nice to know you as a developer. And I to get the feeling that you have displayed some child like enthusiasm which is a good thing for developers I believe.

      Thanks for sharing it. Good one. Surely would want to read more from your blogs.


      N Krishna.