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SAP Learning Hub – Learning rooms

SAP Learning Hub

A recently introduced learning option is SAP Learning Hub. Ever since the discovery edition of SAP Learning Hub became available, the number of signed up accounts has been skyrocketing. The product offer fits nicely into the new SAP Education & Certification portfolio. Learning Hub offers access to SAP course material, e-learning, ramp-up knowledge transfer and more.

Let’s a quick high level view on what such a Learning Room looks like:

SAP Learning Rooms


One of the options available in the full version of SAP Learning Hub (not available in the discovery edition) are SAP Learning Rooms. The SAP Learning Rooms offer guided, social learning on SAP’s social platform product, SAP JAM. Instructors, experts, from SAP provide guidance to the students on this platform. They provide instructions which content the students need to learn and guide the students along the way by providing additional information, answering their questions, doing webinar sessions and more.

What’s the difference with Open SAP then?


SAP Learning Rooms are not open to anyone. The prerequisite is that you have access to the full version of SAP Learning Hub. The next step then is to sign up for a learning room run. The number of spaces are limited (another difference) and the learning experience itself is different as well. Of course there are simularities as this can also be seen as social based learning. Students can learn from the instructor(s) and from eachother and have a social platform which they can leverage to their advantage.

SAP course material is used during the learning experience. The learning can also be more detailed, going deeper into relevant material while Open SAP often offers a more high level training experience. Learning rooms can have defined learning objectives which could be to go for SAP Certification after attending the training.

Live Access

In combination with Live Access, SAP Learning Rooms can be a highly attractive offer. Live Access provides the option to deploy a SAP system (landscape) in the cloud on which you can practice based on course content and course content exercises.

Live access is being rolled out as we speak and should be available within the next few weeks according to SAP. Again, having access to a full edition (paid) of SAP Learning Hub is a prerequisite. Why? Because you get access to course content.

Live Access requires an additional purchase. You can buy a package of hours which represents the time your system can be used to do the exercises. Each started hour is deducted from the total amount of hours you have bought in the package. For example, you buy a package of 20 hours. Each hour that you let the system run is then deducted from those 20 hours. So running your system for two hours and then stopping it means you’ve got 18 hours left. These 20 hours so have to be consumed within a certain date range.

The price is very reasonable because the system or systems are prepared for the exercises. Provisioning those kind of systems yourself quickly becomes more expensive than deploying a premade image.

I will be writing a more extensive blog post on this topic soon.

Getting ready for SAP Certification

The interesting thing is when you can combine all of the above you get a really interesting mix of capabilities and possibilities. You can learn a SAP course, learn more in depth through a relevant learning room and practice on the correct system (landscape) which can lead to the goal of going for SAP certification for that specific topic.

Of course there are some prerequisites here, learning rooms run from time to time on a particular topic so you would have to check if a relevant learning room runs within a reasonable date range. For Live Access, a number of images are available but not yet any product of SAP you can imagine. So the end to end solution is available for some courses but not for all courses. It will take time to expand this portfolio further but the importance here is already the huge potential that is present. SAP is also committed to move forward in this story so more, exciting functionality is coming. One of the most interesting upcoming features for me are offline mobile capabilities for SAP Learning Hub since I often take the train to work.

Design Thinking

A number of design thinking sessions took place last year in which we sought out answers how to improve the learning experience and how to provide more added value taking into account a good number of constraints. While we might not be there yet, things are heading in the right direction and with each improvement made, we are getting closer to our goal. The ideas generated are being leveraged and continuous improvements are being worked out.

So stay tuned and learn more on how you can use these solutions to your advantage!

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      Author's profile photo Balaji Vivekanandan
      Balaji Vivekanandan

      Hi Tom,

      This learning Hub along with the Learning Rooms are very useful for beginners to improve their knowledge in SAP Products. currently even though the person is having full paid version, currently he/she not able to find/get the Exercise Resource files continue the self-learning using the Flip Handbooks, I started to learn BOX310, at the end of Unit 1,not able to do the self practice exercise due to unavailability of Exercise resource files in the learning hub.Not only this course but also another course BOE330- Unit 1,

      So,I am not able to achieve 100% learning target using the Latest SAP Learning Hub option. Hope and also expecting SAP team will fix this gap which is available right now.

      Author's profile photo Tom Cenens
      Tom Cenens
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Balaji V

      Thanks for commenting. I'll forward this comment to SAP to hopefully turn this around so you do have those.

      Can you drop me a mail? My mail address is visible on my SCN profile.

      Best regards


      Author's profile photo Balaji Vivekanandan
      Balaji Vivekanandan

      Hi Tom,

      Dropped a note to your Mail-id

      Thanks for your time. Lets wait and see..

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      How can I subscribe to learning rooms....



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Feels exciting. I registered for the SAP learning hub discovery edition last night and waiting for their conformation mail. Hopefully waiting to enhance my knowledge in HANA.

      Informative article. Will get back with a feedback.

      Thank you Tom

      Best Regards