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IT Project Management Diary Series 1 – Managing and be Managed

Declaration:This Diary Series is not  written in formal pattern and style , it just written for some creative ideas which I come across in Project Management works. These thoughts may be unreasonable , but they are also what I want to share with all of you in SCN. 🙂

The first and foremost topic I’m going to blog is a common issue dealing with IT project management: Managing and be managed. Today’s blog will discuss these issues from two sights:Project Leaders and Project Working Staff. Some problems will be analyzed based on my management experience.    

  1. Managing – Project Leaders

        As a key role in project management activities , we must understand and admit the fact that our work is vital to project management . We have to assign missions to working staff , deal with our own works , integrate different kinds of resources to assure the progress of a project ,  manage the relationship between our customers and the whole team. Maybe in some workers eyes , project leaders are just those people who wanders with a cup of tea all day , but it is just our own know the responsibilities and risks we undertaken. I give the below suggestions:

    1. Carefully handle the rudder . Your working staff are on the same boat with you . They believe that you can lead them well , so do not disappoint them.
    2. Set yourself an example to others .
    3. Assign a most suitable position to a particular person .
    4. Rewards and punishments and clear.  Personally I prefer more rewards than punishment . Most of the workers are more willing to be praised than be punished .
    5. Provide opportunity for you staff . Some workers works for money while others works for a better future and life . As a project leader as well as a friend of the staff , we must understand their prospect and willingness , assist them to realize their personal goals .


  2.   Be managed – Project Working Staff

        Now let’s change our sight from a project leader to a working staff . What can we do in daily work and how can we make ourselves happy in work? I hope the points I mention below can help those who are wondering you daily work :

    1. Make a clear goal of yourself . You will not work full of energy unless you know your future goal.
    2. Obey the leadership. You must understand that you are working staff , what you do is sometime not controlled by yourself .
    3. Try to say “No” . Although obedience is important to you , it doesn’t mean that you are losing yourself . Try to say “No” to your leader with a reasonable reason and try to make you sense clear to him or her.
    4. Find anything fun to make you happy .
    5. More communication .

For the working staff, what they care about is the development and future of themselves, the treatment. If the project leaders and the working staffs can think from the opposite side , a harmoniousapp:addword:harmonious project team will soon rise.

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      Author's profile photo Terry Yang
      Terry Yang

      Hi, Lee.

      Thanks for your sharing ,  actually the blog is for all SAP guys ,  so I can learn from your messages  . yes, it's a little difficult to punish someone in the team , So maybe we should do more in daily to build a team with responsibilty & morale.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      Thanks for your reply.