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The update to Internet Explorer 11 that includes Enterprise Mode is now available.

It can be downloaded from the Microsoft Download Center and through Windows Update.  The Enterprise Mode is a new compatibility mode to run application which are designed for IE8. Enterprise Mode is turned off by default, so this update should not adversely affect your existing Internet Explorer 11 deployments.

Here you can find some documentation and other resources

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  1. Former Member

    Thank you, Andreas. To your knowledge, is IE11 Enterprise Mode supposed to help with products that the PAM states are not supported for IE11?

    1. Andreas Hirche Post author

      Hi Valentin,

      It may help, but should rather be considered as a workaround. We plan to tolerate it in our support statement.

      Kind Regards, Andreas

        1. Former Member

          Hi Gerald,

          We did spot check the IE11 Enterprise Mode with good results. However it should be used only as a workaround for old versions of our products. In regards to the PAM, the information for IE8 is relevant for Enterprise Mode. Any issue that happens in Enterprise Mode and not in IE8 can be addressed to Microsoft.

          Best regards, Adi

  2. 中西 圭一郎

    Hi Andreas,

    My customer wants to evaluate IE 11 Enterprisemode to use SAP ERP6.0.

    They rquired me to provide URL list relevant ERP6.0, however, I can’t find such information anywhere.

    I assume relevant URL is very much, so it might be impossible to specify.

    Do you have such information?

    Or, does it belong to customer’s responsibility?

    Kind Regards,

    Keiichiro Nakanishi

    1. Andreas Hirche Post author

      Hi Keiichiro,

      The recommended and supported way is to update at least the NetWeaver Stack of the ERP system to the required minimum Support Package Stack (SPS) for IE11.


      Using EMIE is a workaround in the responsibility of the customer and is not directly supported.

      Detail-Information: E.g. if the customer chooses “IE8-EMIE mode in IE11”, we support IE8, not the IE8-EMIE mode directly. It is necessary to define a reference browser version, because we cannot distinguish between the two browsers here.

      Kind Regards, Andreas


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