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Cloud Applications Studio: Short Best-Practice Videos

How to connect the Cloud Applications Studio to a Tenant

How to make an extension ID field a link to another BO instance

How to create an extension Field with a Object Value Help

How to add an Extension Field to the Migration Template

How to add an Attachment View

How to add an Embedded Component to a standard BO without using a Custom BO

Common Mistake: BusinessPartner Common vs. CurrentCommon Node

The time dependency is exposed in C4C only on the Employee Business Object. However all Business Objects that use the BusinessPartner (Employee, Customer, BusinessPartner) are technically using the same concept.

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  • Hi,

    thanks for providing the videos! I have another question which is should me similar to the attachment view, but I cannot find the right embedded component to be added to my custom object.

    Like shown for attachments I added the Dependent Object “TextCollection” to my BO, but in the folder BYD_COD/SalesOnDemand/Reuse/ I cannot find a view to be reused for the TextCollection.

    Do you have any advice how to proceed?

    Thanks and best regards


    • Hello Tom,

      the TextCollection is used to store text. I assume you like to store a long note or description.

      There is no embedded component for this. If you are in a custom UI, you can simply drag the text.content node from the text collection in your BO model to the UI.

      Then you can alter the properties width and rows of the generated text field in order to generate a big note/description field.

      Let me know if you need more details on this.

      Best Regards,

      • Hi Stefan,

        what I intend to do is to add a Collection of Notes to my object – not a single field. You may know this from the On-Premise CRM.

        There should be a view with a table, that should include multiple notes (like having multiple attachments like in your video).

        Thanks for your help.

        Best regards


        • Hi Tom,

          I understand. In this case you can to use the „[MultipleTexts]“ annotation in front of the TextCollection node definition.

          This would also allow you to use this Embedded Component to store multiple texts:


          I have never implemented it myself this way. But got that tip from my colleagues Horst Schaude and Jens Limbach

          Best Regards,

          • Hi Stefan,

            thanks for the hint. Unfortunately this component cannot be used for a view, that is also supposed to be used on tablets. On activation I get the following error msg.:


            Thanks and best regards


          • Hi Tom,
            I’m running out of ideas now… I would advice to open an incident and ask if this EC can be released for iPad use. But before that, I would remove the iPad tag from the EC and see if it works on the web as expected. Just to verify if it is working as expected from a functional point of view.

            Best Regards,

          • Hi Stefan,

            thanks for the advice. Could you kindly let me know where I can remove the iPad tag from the EC? I am not finding it by myself :-(.

            Thank you very much!

            Best regards


          • I mean the EC you created (or the TI screen – the host screen on which you want to implement the SAP EC). It is the property “Tags” on the screen itself in the UI Designer. It might have a dependency up to the WCView if you have generated a screen scenario.

            Or – if not too much effort, you could create a temporary test solution and create a scenario there without tablet and add the EC there. Might be the easier way.

            Best Regards,

          • I needed to remove the Tablet Tag on the WCVIEW as well as from the TI screen. Only removing it from TI screen is insufficient -> error names a dependency as reason.

            The embedded notes view is now available, but unfortunately the add-button is bugged after adding the first note. I will open an incident for it.


            Thanks for your help Stefan!

            Best regards


  • Hi Stefan,

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! I was wondering how to add my (SDK) extension field to the Migration Templates since for SDK extension fields there is no way to define a “Further usage”!

    All your videos are very well explained!

    Best regards,


  • Hi Stefan,

    Thanks a lot for these good tutorials.

    When we are trying to add OVS to the extension field of opportunity, the buttons are disabled. Please find the below screenshot



    Thanks in Advance for your valuable suggestions.



  • Hi Guys,

    Can anyone help me to link the Opportunity TI by using “Configure OBN” option.

    When i have tried to do it, Open is not having TI page for the Opportunity.

    Kindly let me know if you need more details.


    Ravi Teja

  • Hi Stefan,

    Thanks for nice Videos.

    I am trying to embedded standard BO ( Account ) with custom BO under Sales Data view.

    My Custom  BO has following Elements:

    Account ID, Sales Org, Distribution Channel, …..

    I had successfully Binded InPort based on Selected Account ID to get the Custom BO details for selected Account.

    My requirement is under Sales Data view when user select one of the row from the list then my custom BO data has to be filtered based on selected Sales Org and Distribution channel which are there in the selected row.

    Is there any way to achieve this.

    Thanks in advance.


  • Hello Stefan Hagen,

    I watched your Video Cloud Application Studio: Add Facet (Embedded Component) based on BO Extension.

    It was great explained, but I still facing the Issue, that when I load the EC in the Account, the Inport Field Account ID is filled, but then I get an Error.

    The CustomerID field stays empty and an exception Message pops up, so I have to close the screen.

    I checked you Video twice, to be sure, that I don’t miss a step.

    Does this Video still works in Version 1511?

    Thank you and best Regards,


  • Hi Stefan

    Thanks for the good tutorial.

    Just one further question to tutorial “How to create an extension Field with a Object Value Help”

    I like to show the description in stead of key. Unfortunately the presentation mode has no impact.


    Is there another way to get the description and the ID?

    Thanks for help.

    Best regards

    Jasmin Schaad