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Slide Show of Monthly Region wise Data

Slide Show of Monthly Region wise Data

First Create Two Global variable .

V_pbcounting :  Integer (0)

AutoChart_Player : String (Play)

  Global Script variable.png

You Can Use SetFilter Also to change the Data in Different Chart .

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  • Hi Nikhil,

    using the .doBackgroundProcessing as a “Player” is a really cool idea… Thanks for sharing!

    Liked, Bookmarked, and Rated 🙂


  • Pretty cool idea to use doBackgroundProcessing as an event loop/playhead.  I’d caution that each execution of BI Scripting occurs on the server side (as small as it may be, it’s still there) so having this looping issue repeated calls on the server side for sake of incrementing a counter may have effects if you have a large number of these dashboard sessions open indefinitely.

    Still pretty cool to see!