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Introducing SAP Fiori Launchpad

A lot was said about SAP Fiori and the SAP Fiori Launchpad, but not a lot was written till today. So,… it’s time to start.

SAP Fiori Launchpad is a real-time, contextual, role based and personalized aggregation point for business applications planned to be deployed on multiple platforms – ABAP (available today), SAP Portal, Cloud Portal and HANA. It runs on multiple device types and provides a single point of access for business applications such as transactional, analytical, factsheet, smart business applications and others.

SAP Fiori Launchpad key values:

  • Simple – intuitive, easy and coherent user experience
  • Role based – simplified role based navigation and business function access
  • Contextual – real time, contextual and personalized access
  • Responsive – consumption a cross devices, versions and channels with a single user experience
  • Multi-platform – planned to be running on multiple platforms – ABAP (available today), SAP Portal, SAP HANA Cloud Portal and HANA
IMG_0186-small.png IMG_1624-small.png IMG_1623-small.png

SAP Fiori Launchpad, across its underlying planned platforms, showcases the SAP user experience alignment (following the Fiori user experience), the branding tools alignment (SAP Theme Designer) and the responsive, multi-channel UI alignment.

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  • Thanks for this interesting article.

    I am specially interested in the HCM Apps included in Fiori.

    I am wondering what the difference is between the Fiori Launchpad and the ESS(SAPUI5) Landing page and its lanes as described here.



    • Hello Thomas,

      Fiori Launchpad is a new cross scenario entry point. It is not focusing only on HCM or any other SAP module, but aiming to aggregate all SAP Fiori (and established UI’s) into a one, common, simple, responsive (…and much more…) entry point.



    • Hello Michael,

      The mobile portal is an extension for the SAP Portal for multi-device consumption of the portal.

      Fiori Launchpad is the new entry point for SAP applications following the Fiori design concept. It is designed to integrate both the Fiori applications and the more traditional UI technologies – as we call them, established UI’s (Web Dynpro ABAP and others). Fiori Launchpad is designed to run across platforms thus giving customers the freedom to choose their platform of choice – ABAP, HANA, SAP Portal (planned) and SAP HANA Cloud Portal (planned).

      As you can understand from the above, for customers who are already running the SAP Portal and would like to use the power (integration with dynamic tiles, cross & in app search, personalization, JAM integration, responsiveness…) and simplicity of the Fiori Launchpad we are planning to offer the Fiori Launchpad based on the SAP Portal to gain the “best of two worlds”.

      In addition, the mobile portal is a mobile only solution, while Fiori Launchpad is a responsive entry point – desktop, tablet smartphone.

      More and detailed info will be published soon.



      * Note that some of the topics discussed above are not yet available so I marked them as planned (22/04/2014)

    • I suggest (please) to wait with the detailed discussions till this offerings released. In the meanwhile I can assure you that we are doing to the best to fulfill our customers requests… 😉

      Hope to see you at the ASUG Annual Conference where I am planning to share more info about this exact scenario.


      • Hi Aviad,

        I assist to your presentation at SAPPHIRE (“Extending and Consuming your SAP NetWeaver Portal on Mobile Devices ? Overview, Use Cases and Benefits”) and you mentionned that the Fiori Launchpad will be available on Portal (not mobile) with the last (or next) SP.

        Can ou provide more details on the availability of this feature please ?

        By the way your presentation was amazing, thank you.


  • Aviad,

    Nice post!

    If we already have a custom app (front end code is developed in Titanuim, backend is SAP CRM and ECC) with SAP Netweaver Gateway, can it be used with the Fiori launchpad somehow?



  • Hello Aviad,

    Thanks for the blog.

    We are now in middle of Fiori implementation want to use Portal as entry point. We would like to know best way to integrate mobile portal with Fiori launchpad/applications.

    Can you please guide.


    Vinod Patil

      • Hello Aviad,

        Thanks for the response.

        We are implementing wave 1 with ECC EHP 6 and Netweaver Portal 7.3 SP 10.


        Vinod Patil

          • Hello Aviad,

            Thanks again for response.

            We already have Portal 7.30 SP 10, so I think we need not put mobile edition add-on.

            Please confirm and also clarify whether terms Portal on Device and mobile edition portal are same?

            I did basic configurations for portal on device and created UI5 iView for Fiori launchpage. But I am facing below issues-

            1. Navigation from Launchpage to applications does not work (This happens due to the fact that UI5 iView keeps portal URL in browser even though you, iView proprty says- open in separate window)

            2.iView size remains very small even though, we changed it to Full Page,

            Can you please guide if these are known issues with 7.3 SP10 version ?

            Vinod Patil

          • Hi Vinod,

            The mobile edition is the latest version of the mobile capabilities of the portal. I recommend using this version which includes the AppGallery, personalization, and MDM integration.

            1. Are you trying to integrate the full Launchpad as an iView or App-by-app?
            2. I suggest opening an OSS on this topic (cc: Ronny Amran)


          • Hello Aviad,

            Yes we are trying to integrate full LAUNCHPAGE which has dynamic tiles (showing how many new workflow items are pending).

            As suggested I have created OSS 0000405045 and assigned to EP-PIN component area.

            It will be really great if you or Ronny can look into it.

            Thank you again for the assistance. Its really awesome to get your valuable inputs so easily on SCN 🙂



    • This is the Fiori launchpad when running on the SAP Portal. This is a new FWP for the SAP Portal following the Fiori design.

  • Hi Aviad,

    Nice blog, i want Fiori launchpad like UI in non ABAP environment, so is there any predefined library for creating launchpad like functionality or framework to show Non-ABAP fiori applications.

    Thanks & regards


    • What you are looking for is fully aligned with our strategy and you can get the Fiori launchpad experience on the following platforms:

      – ABAP Front End Server / Gateway Server

      – SAP Enterprise Portal

      – SAP HANA Cloud Platform, as part of the HANA Cloud Portal offering

      Just search SCN and you will find plenty of additional information. Let me know if anything is missing.



  • Hi All

    Currently We dont have fiori in our system

    How to get the fiori lunch pad any components needs to be installed ? And I have checked I Dint find any  ui5_ui5 Nodes in SICF.

    Please help me how get fiori launchpad  and configurations.

    System is SAP ECC 6.0 EHP6