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The ABAP Development Tools for Eclipse are SAP’s state-of-the-art IDE for ABAP development on the open Eclipse platform. They are designed to significantly increase developers’ productivity by combining the server-based development approach with the well-proven lifecycle management capabilities with the powerful and modern Eclipse UI. It comes along with a new cool ABAP code editor that offers all features that the modern developer needs to program effective code.

Are you interested in that topic or already using the tools?
Are you an ABAP developer, fascinated about the new IDE?
Do you want to be a member of this new generation of ABAP developer?

Then you want to become an ABAP in Eclipse Fan!

I have been working with the SCN team to design a mission just for ABAP in Eclipse Fans, and here is how you can earn this nice new badge:

1.) The ABAP in Eclipse Fan is familiar with all the basic information about the new environment. Therefore he knows the Getting Started Document. So read and bookmark the document: Get Started with the ABAP Development Tools for SAP NetWeaver

2.) The ABAP in Eclipse Fan also supports others and helps to grow the community. Therefore follow the ABAP in Eclipse community: ABAP in Eclipse

Once you did that you will automatically get the ABAP in Eclipse Fan badge.


If you already completed one or both of the activities below, before this badge was introduced on SCN, remove the bookmark and bookmark the document again; or unfollow and follow the ABAP in Eclipse space again. The gamification platform needs to track this as new activity.

This Fan mission is just the beginning of a longer journey. We are planning new missions for you as an ABAP in Eclipse fan. So stay tuned for the next mission coming very soon.

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  1. Kumud Singh

    Hi Thomas,

    Congratulations on bringing this initiative to the community. Looks like fresh and exciting opportunity for many of us.

    I am not sure if it’s relevant to ask here but why is bookmarking important to earn a badge? Thanks!


    1. Thomas Fiedler Post author

      Hi Kumud,

      you are completely right the bookmarking is not really important to be an ABAP in Eclipse Fan. But we don’t have much triggers in SCN to track user behavior. And this is how gamification is implemented in SCN that getting points and bagdes are related to user interaction in the community.



      1. Laure Cetin

        Yes, and a Fan can be someone getting started and needing some important information to learn more about ABAP in Eclipse. I hope the document is helpful then, we wanted to surface it to many members because according to Thomas it is a good piece of content.


  2. Stefan Riedel-Seifert

    Hi Thomas,

    are there thoughts to allow to export ABAP Unit Runner or ABAP Coverage Results results to SAP Quality Center (by HP)?

    that would be a great feature!

    Best regards, Stefan

  3. Former Member


    i am not a ABAP developer but i was a developer before so i realy very much interested in new development tool. I am now just reading this interesting blog posted .



  4. Niko Faradouris

    A thoroughly nice way of introducing the AiE features.  Although I have been using AiE a while now, I took the tour anyway.  In the german version of the text I encountered a typo which may confuse people, namely it instructs the developer in step 4 to hit Strg+Enter instead of the expected Shift+Enter (the related help link mentions the correct key combination).  Other than that very nice.

    Anfänfer Tour | Stage:3/3

    Code Completion zum Einfügen einer Methode oder eines Funktionsaufrufes inklusive Signatur verwenden

    (1) Öffnen Sie ein quelltextbasiertes Entwicklungsobjekt.

    (2) Positionieren Sie den Cursor an der Stelle in einer Methode, an der Sie eine Methode/einen Funktionsaufruf hinzufügen möchten.

    (3) Drücken Sie Strg+Leertaste, um die Code Completion auszulösen.

    (4) Drücken Sie in der Code-Completion-Liste Strg+Enter auf der entsprechenden Methode/dem entsprechenden Funktionsaufruf.

  5. Former Member

    Hi Thomas,

    I’m a super fan of ABAP in Eclipse, but after I did (yesterday) every step that you described I didn’t earn the badge.

    Would you know why?

  6. Former Member

    I am ABAP developer, I am interested in new development .

    and i am new to Eclipse i have stared study on ABAP in EClipse from last Month, but this blog helped me understand.thanks for the interesting blog,


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